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Change is a continues process , by the time passes people’s lifestyle, mind-set, traditions and needs get changed. In India where in early times having a child is supposed to be consider as a blessing ,where In families couple use to have more than 3 children ,has been now come down to 2 Children following the policy of “Hum Do, Hamare Do”. But now a day’s we can see that new trend of having one child is prevailing among the new generation.

In current Scenario we can observe that having a one child has also become difficult, there might be several reasons for that , If we take health reasons in account, people changed life style, stress, workplace pressure, Late age marriage, Family Planning (preferences to career over the children, plans children once get settled ) these factors creates huge impact over the bodies of both man and women. We can daily find lot of advertisement of In-vitro-fertilization (IF) and fertility centres in newspaper. There are a large number of young couples who look towards these centres as a big hope.

As we discussed above that there are several reasons which are creating adverse effect over man and women bodies, due to which their reproduction system also getting affected. In women body Irregular menstrual cycles, PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), uterine fibroids, breast cyst etc. are some of the reasons which affect reproduction system of women. Where in men we can commonly observed the concerns like erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, premature ejaculation develops infertility issue in them as well as these reasons also creates impact on their sex life too.

Our diet plays vital role in having a healthy reproductive system, whatever we take in our diet produces Saptdhatu Seven tissues Sapt= Seven Dhatu= tissues these are Blood (Rakht), plasma (Rasa), Muscle (Mamsa), Meda (Adipose tissues), Bones & Cartilage (Asthi), Bone Marrow (Majja) and last one is Sperm (Shukra) in male and Ovaries in female. Now considering to our diet in today’s time whatever we are eating including food prepared mostly with chemical derivatives and junk food. Which is mostly satisfying our taste buds and fulfills our hunger need, but our body does not received required nutrients from such diet. If body is not getting require nutrients, two of important from above mentioned seven tissues (Saptdhatu) Sperm (Shukra) and Ovaries (Rajja) can develop strongly in body. Therefore it is very important that the couples planning for a baby supposed to include Milk and Ghee in their diet, which is also guided by Ayurveda.

Many couples approached Niraamay Center who have concern with their pregnancy or who are planning pregnancy but facing issues to get conceive. Some of the couples really come to us with great hope, as they were suggested for abortion due to issues in their pregnancy. Niraamay Centre does intervene on this problem through Self-Healing Process (SwayamPurna Upchar Padhati). According to yogashastra reproduction system control by Sex chakra (swadhishthan Chakra). In Self-Healing Process (Swayampurna Upachar Padhati) we create balance in three responsible elements Water, Fire and Earth for this and released all the deformities and defects from that part . We have pride as well as sense of satisfaction for completing the dream of many couples (age group 22 to 40) to enjoy parenthood.

It is important to have proper attention as well as taking care of Adolescents, as they go through the phase of bodily and hormonal changes along with emotional changes. In Niraamay we do counselling of parents along with addressing the issues of their children’s. Many girls of adolescent age facing difficulties with their periodic cycles like some of them having irregular cycles, excessive bleeding or some of them not even have started yet. Now a day’s many doctors suggest immediate surgery for problems like PCOD and uterine fibroids. Where in Niraamay we work on the root causes of these problems and resolve them.

One of our success stories of Ms. Pragati Lele who is working with renowned hospital diagnosed with Cyst in her uterus. Due to which she was having irregular cycles and also lot of pain in her stomach. When she gone for a second sonography the size of cyst was increased compare to first sonography. As per doctors suggestion she decided to go for surgery, but all of sudden she came with the thought to approach Niraamay wellness centre and postpone the surgery.

She was amazed with the results, where the cyst was completely vanished. Even doctors were shocked when they saw sonography report. All this was possible only because of Self-healing treatment of Niraamay centre.

Women life is highly affected due to hormones. Most of the diseases and abnormalities in women’s body caused due to hormonal changes like obesity, unwanted hair growth on body, hair fall and many more cured with the help of Niraamay Self-healing treatment (Swayampurna up char Padhati).

In women getting diagnosed with Cyst in breast is very common but it also increased the fear of having a breast cancer. A lady from phaltan area approached Niraamay with issue of cyst in breast; she was having a cyst size of a lemon . She took Niraamay treatment before going for further medical test and in three days before getting medical reports her cyst was completely vanished. Doctors were also shocked with such miracle, but this was not a miracle, However it comes out of extensive study of Ancient Health science.

Trust, patience and consistency in Niraamay treatment these are the key things which is require for getting such unbelievable results. Reproduction system is huge topic to discuss, which we will certainly take further…

For more information on Reproductive system, please do go through below video

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