Kshr implies perishable and that which does not perish is Akshar. It is the eternal, imperishable and endless energy. The expression of thoughts and emotions through utterance is the transformation of this eternal energy into a sound (vibration). Thoughts create words, which in turn create corresponding vibrations that give rise to the resultant element. Thus determination creates Pruthvitatva, while sensitivity creates Jaltatva. Anger creates Agnitatva, fickleness creates Vayutatva, while peace creates Akashtatva. Every thought and utterance made by a person is transformed into a certain energy in the form of vibrations. The kind of thoughts arising in the mind determines the kind of energy that gets accumulated in our Koshas. This has a bearing on mental and physical health.

Swayampurn Upchar involves creating a positive outlook towards life in the mind of the patient through counseling. Equilibrium of Panchtatvas is achieved through energy treatment, Mudras and chanting. This can give complete health.

The following scriptures are included in the Panchatattva balance in self-healing

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Spiritual science – Sapt Kosh

Spiritual science is not merely some practice or pursuit...

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The world of nature is made up of the five basic elements. Tatva is a rule....


Nadis and Chakras

There is description in Yog Shaastra about the presence of seven....


The Science of Mudra

The word Mudra is derived from the Samskrut root word...



One’s thoughts and utterances travel in the form of vibrations and continue to exist ....


Akshar Brahma

Kshr implies perishable and that which does not perish is Akshar.It is the eternal.....

Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!