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One’s thoughts and utterances travel in the form of vibrations and continue to exist (Akshar). Vibrations of similar thoughts and words of any other person pertaining to us merge with them. When these vibrations gain sufficient strength, the thought becomes a reality. Such a situation cannot differentiate between good and bad. One’s positive thoughts also fructify and so do the negative ones. The mind creates a chain of such wishes. All these wishes lined up in a queue are then experienced one by one. If one expresses a wish today, it stands at the end of this queue. Wishes expressed earlier fructify earlier. A wish which is on the verge of becoming a reality fructifies only if the required energy is available in the subtle body. Otherwise, it remains in waiting even when it is due. Since Atma is imperishable this process continues over many births. Thus, wishes, expectations and ambitions keep getting realized over time. When a particular wish is fulfilled, that energy is converted into the physical body and the subtle body becomes vacant to that extent. That is the reason why one feels light when any wish gets fulfilled. As long as such thought energy remains accumulated in the subtle body, the physical body experiences energy deficiency. This leads to disease.

The impact that the mind has on the body is as follows

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The impact that the mind has on the body is as follows

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Excess anger stuffed inside leads to excess fire in the joints
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Ego leads to stiffness in the bones.
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Suppression of sorrow and stifling one’s emotions can reduce the efficiency of lungs and large intestine
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Stubbornness leads to stomach disorders
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Excess stress and worrying damages the pancreas
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Fear causes problems in kidneys and urinary bladder
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Tendency to be obstinate and radical about one’s views can cause constipation
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Being happy reduces the stress. Loving nature gives peace and contentment. It provides strength to the mind and body
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Excess hurry, impatience and overexcitement can damage the heart and small intestine
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Anger and irritability affects the liver and gall bladder

Under Swayampurn Upchar, the excess energy accumulated in the body is released back into the environment. However, since this accumulation has happened due to the past deeds of the patient, he himself has to pray to the Parameshwar with faith to help release it. Parameshwar is not a person; but the cosmic force that regulates the Paramtatva. The Samskrut word Ish means to regulate and Ishwar is the energy that regulates. It is important to understand this.

If one vehicle breaks down, we get out of it and continue the remaining journey in a replacement. Similarly, the journey of lifetimes continues through various bodies. The Atma is the driver of this vehicle. He carries the baggage of the wishes and ambitions of various lifetimes. In every lap of this journey, the baggage either reduces or increases. In reality, this journey is supposed to be the one that reduces this baggage to zero. However, human beings forget that. When the baggage of desires (Karma) is over, the upward journey begins.

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One’s thoughts and utterances travel in the form of vibrations and continue to exist ....


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Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!