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Kalpana Potdar

May everybody be joyful, may everybody be healthy

Kalpana Santosh Potdar

I got the opportunity to work in Niraamay Parivar. As I try to make the best out of this opportunity, I am coming across various new experiences daily. While treating the physical and mental ailments of patients we always keep in mind the Niraamay’s instruction that we are merely the intermediaries in the larger scheme of things. When we see the result of the treatment written across the face of the patient, we truly feel humbled by the cosmic forces that actually enable everything.

While healing people by creating equilibrium in the subtle energies of the seven Chakras we actually experience the bliss of the seven musical notes merging with the Panchmahabhutas (five basic elements that make up the manifest world). We provide treatment to patients approaching Niraamay according to their needs. Since, the Swayampurna Upchar method works on the physical and mental planes not only does the patient recover; but also experiences a change in his outlook towards life.

Niraamay enabled me to understand my true inner self and nurtured my self-confidence. I pray to Ishwar to enable me to keep providing such service. I feel confident that the blessings of many in the form of subtle energy will continue to be with me.

Ashwini Wankhede 1

My journey with Niraamay

Ashwini Wankhede

Whatever I have achieved till today is solely attributable to Niraamay. I had been to Niraamay Center for the first time for treatment in 2011. My incurable chronic cold which had persisted since childhood despite various medicines was cured completely. I was reading up and listening a lot about subtle energy at that time. I had even attended some courses about healing. I had attended Vipassana. Whatever I had learnt till then was for myself. But after coming to Niraamay I felt like doing something for the benefit of others. That turned out to be the most important decision of my life. I got to learn a lot from Mr. and Mrs Chandorkar. I gained rich experiences by silently observing a lot of things. I realized that subtle energy represents the ultimate truth, and we can become truly healthy if the same is utilized properly. Our mind is the driving force behind all our actions. The results are dependent upon one’s thoughts. I learnt here that we can achieve the kind of health, wealth, prosperity and contentment that we want if we direct our thoughts in the right direction.

The personality of Mr. and Mrs Chandorkar is as expansive as the sky. They are as lively as the wind, as radiant as the fire, and have hearts that are as deep as the ocean. Niraamay has been founded in order to bring health to the entire society. We are proud to be with you in this journey.

Nihaal Shirke

Niraamay – The one that shaped me

Nihaal Shirke

My journey with Niraamay commenced quite late. As they say, there is a right time for anything to happen. This is what happened in my case. But I am astonished by the various experiences that I had till now at Niraamay.

Constant positive thinking enabled me to realize that the Parameshwar is with me all the time and is taking care of me. Niraamay made me develop feelings of gratitude towards the almighty for the fact that I was born in a very good family. Nothing is achieved by getting angry and irritable. The only option is to forgive others and seek forgiveness from the Parameshwar for our inadvertent wrong deeds. Interestingly, I was able to implement this in due course.

I have begun to experience the inner bliss due to Niraamay, and I am always trying to make others realize the same. Life is a never-ending flow of happiness and sorrow. I have realized that we have to keep walking on our designated path with contentment by accepting both of them from time to time.

Parameshwar has brought me on this journey up to Niraamay so that I am able to carry out something good. Otherwise, I had never imagined in any way that I would walk the path of Adhyatma (spiritual studies beyond the material plane). Niraamay is thus shaping me, and I am evolving.

Pratik Suryavanshi

From darkness to light

Pratik Suryavanshi

My journey with Niraamay can be described as the one from darkness to light. My belief in the fact that every incident in life has an underlying cause was strengthened after joining Niraamay. Many carry a bias that the work experience in Niraamay does not prove useful elsewhere. But, my experience is that the knowledge gained in Niraamay is of great utility in the journey of life. While, my parents groomed me with the Samskars (recommended purification processes) and the school made me literate, it was Niraamay that taught me the expected behavioural traits and the way of leading one’s life. These will surely help me throughout my life.

‘Niraamay Jeevan’ means a healthy and joyful life. At the same time, it also implies giving generously with the feeling of selfless action for the benefit of others. The biggest wealth in life comprises the blessings from others and the contentment derived from one’s work. A stream of blessings from people has been a hallmark of the work in Niraamay. It is a great source of energy for me. All of us working here are traversing a different path of subtle energy. While, the path is a bit difficult, the experiences gained are equally thrilling. Every responsibility shouldered on this journey is playing its role in shaping me and is enriching me as a component of the society.

I have closely watched and experienced the sea change that takes place in the condition of patients that come here within a short time span. My experience in Niraamay is comparable to the one at home where we are well acquainted and intimately connected with every inch of space. We are actually living the dream of Mr. Yogesh and Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar. We take pride in the fact that we have the opportunity of becoming the connecting link through the medium of Niraamay between India’s ancient culture and healthy life.

Pallavi Patil

Niraamay – An opportunity to serve

Pallavi Patil

I joined Niraamay over five years ago. Mr. Yogesh and Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar are a veritable source of endless energy. We have been encouraged to strive for answers by the thought provoking words of Mr. Yogesh. We got habituated to kindle our awareness and spirit of exploration. Moreover, every patient has been a learning experience. Mr. Yogesh and Mrs. Amruta always refer to the organization as ‘Niraamay Family’. They try to understand every person’s point of view, come up with solutions and provide rock solid support.

The Chandorkars have thoughtfully designed the format of this treatment method. It finely blends the body, mind, subtle energy, thoughts and treatment. This work of relieving the patient of his troubles by gently urging him to speak his heart out, and healing him with compassion and belongingness, is indeed a matter of pride. I love this technique and feel connected to it. Everybody works for a living. But, the satisfaction and patients’ blessings earned in the process are unique to Niraamay. Bhagwan Krishna has himself spoken that his presence pervades every suffering, and I am blessed to serve the Parameshwar this way.

I am always ready to strive for promoting the organization all across in every direction so that its fame and prosperity can continue to grow.

Jyoti Chandorkar 1

From nothingness to wellness

Jyoti Chandorkar

My journey with Niraamay is like the upward pointing graph. It began from a vacuum. I have observed the birthing process of Niraamay; but from a distance. That time I did not believe in this method of treatment at all. I was a firm believer of allopathy. But, I experienced its shortcomings at close quarters and I was moved to the core. It triggered a cycle of thoughts. I began exploring alternative healing techniques. One day I happened to know about the homegrown Swayampurna Upchar method through the medium of Saam TV.

Better late than never, is how I describe my journey with Niraamay. Thereafter, I did not realize when I completed five years on this journey. I began to observe the changes taking place in me as a third person because of Niraamay. I understood that far beyond the visible world of matter exists the subtle world, vast and invisible yet sustainable. I began to explain this to others. This process unraveled many mysteries. I also began to experience pure joy. The play of new experiences, knowledge and bliss became a routine phenomenon. The entire credit for this goes to my colleagues and the founders of Niraamay, Mr. Yogesh and Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Yogesh never practices spoon-feeding. Thus, there was no alternative to apply one’s mind. This made our thoughts profound and our behavior assertive. Every patient is a learning experience and teaches us a lot. Their own experiences are astonishing. To sum up, Niraamay is that Kalpvruksh (wishing tree), which grants you what you wish for a thousand fold, while entering its shade. Even seeing this tree from a distance can give us visual and mental peace and contentment.

Staff Feedback

Rupali R Kadam

A new twist in the tale of life

Rupali R Kadam

I got introduced to Niraamay during my mother’s illness. We observed many positive changes in her after starting the treatment. My mother who was completely bedridden soon started moving around in the house with ease. However, who can bypass the will of the Parameshwar (larger scheme of things of the cosmic consciousness)? She passed away in December 2015. I again met Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar to inform her about my mother’s demise and to pay the pending amount of the bill. However, she declined to take that money. It is the principle of Niraamay to not accept any payment if the patient does not survive despite the treatment, irrespective of the amount of the bill. This honesty touched my heart. My journey with Niraamay began from April 2016.

I got acquainted to the Swayampurna Upchar method. With constant guidance my understanding of the concept improved and I got introduced to a new dimension of life. I kept getting richer with knowledge and experiences from a totally different domain vis-à-vis my background of civil engineering. The first pandemic lockdown began in March 2020. Niraamay provided a rock solid support system to the society during those trying times, going beyond its usual activities. The online OPD for patients commenced operations around that time. Experiences during that time proved that every dark cloud has a silver lining leading to good outcomes.

The support from Niraamay family proved extremely useful in overcoming the vacuum created by the demise of my mother. I did not even realize how six years passed by in this enriching journey. The outcome has been wonderful. May the concept propounded by Niraamay spread far and wide. I pray to Ishwar to continue to bestow upon us such work satisfaction and blessings from patients. Thank you.

Apoorva Joshi 1

My journey with Niraamay

Apoorva Joshi

I was totally ignorant about the concept of subtle energy at the time of joining Niraamay. But, this difficult subject was explained to us in a simple manner. Soon, we started liking the work of counseling and guiding patients after understanding their problems. This is an ongoing learning for us. The guidance that I receive in Niraamay is proving useful in my personal life as well. We regularly get detailed inputs on all the relevant subjects from Mr. and Mrs. Chandorkar. I learnt many useful techniques on matters such as the right way of thinking and pronunciation, and its impact on others. The daily Dhyan sessions (meditation in which the mind is fixed on the object of concentration) provide me with peace on a completely different level.

I always had the wish to do some good work that would help people. This was fulfilled by Niraamay. We always find comfort in the words of wisdom from Mr. Chandorkar. He always insists on doing any work joyfully, and seeking happiness in every task. Noticeable changes took place in me after joining Niraamay. My mother observes that there is a vast difference in my behaviour before and after joining Niraamay. This is among the best types of appreciation. Niraamay taught me the technique of overcoming every challenge that I face. We intend to spread the work of Niraamay across the globe. Niraamay is like a family and I consider it my duty to strive for it. I am indebted to Mr. and Mrs. Chandorkar for providing me this opportunity.

Pallavi Jadhav Pawar

Extremely useful technique

Pallavi Jadhav Pawar

It has been three years since I joined Niraamay. I underwent proper training and then began my work. Initially it felt strange as I was completely new to this subject.

On-the-job training was an ongoing feature through activities such as scanning the patients, treating them and narrating their experiences. Soon, I could detect the various small changes and improvements taking place in them. I began providing treatment on phone. The feeling of being able to bring joy in somebody’s life was itself very wonderful. While treating patients with this emotion my own enthusiasm reached new heights. During the corona pandemic we used to receive feedback that made us proud of our association with Niraamay. People used to say, “We found your treatment very useful. We would not have been able to cope up with the situation had we not come across Niraamay.” Now, I can overcome any difficulties in my personal life as well. It would have been difficult to learn all these things elsewhere. Everybody working here has developed the art of converting any negative thoughts into positive ones. Under the guidance of Mr. and Mrs. Chandorkar we have learnt the skill of thoughtful action. I pray to Ishwar to enable me to become wise and profound through a long association with Niraamay.

Apeksha Nikam 1

My pride Niraamay

Apeksha Nikam

I have been working with Niraamay since 2017. Initially, I just knew that the energy we get is only through food. Here I got to understand concepts such as energy (subtle) body, Panch Tatvas, Sapt Chakras and Sapt Koshas. I was not even aware of the range of diseases that people suffer from. I got to learn that the pent up subtle energy in the organs can be gradually cleaned up, which can relieve the patient from the problems faced. We feel extremely satisfied to hear from patients that they feel much better after availing of our treatment. I feel that the value of their blessings cannot be quantified in any other measure.

I learnt the beautiful concept of seeking forgiveness after coming to Niraamay. This itself helps us overcome many ailments. Regular training sessions and discussions not only enabled us to treat patients better; but also had a positive impact on my body and mind, while providing treatment to them. Many of the problems I used to face have now completely vanished. The other significant gain is that apart from treating patients, we can also impart the healing process to our family members. I feel happy to have connected with our ancient Indian culture through Niraamay. I am proud to be a part of Niraamay.

Rutuja Battul 1

Niraamay enabled positivity in me

Rutuja Battul

I used to work in a medical agency in Ahmednagar before joining Niraamay. It is very easy to dole out a tablet while working in the medical field. But, at Niraamay I understood that diseases can be cured even without medicines by tackling the root cause. Niraamay taught me to remain positive always.

I learnt about the concepts of Sapt Chakras, Nadis and Panch Tatvas only after joining Niraamay. I understood the technique of aura scanning. We feel blissful after being blessed by the patients. I can now easily treat my son and daughter at home. The knee pain faced by my mother-in-law has also reduced significantly after availing of the treatment under Swayampurna Upchar. I feel proud of the fact that I work with an organization whose primary objective is to serve people instead of merely earning income. Here they teach us the right way of living. This family has grown on the back of Mr. Chandorkar’s peaceful nature and Mrs. Chandorkar’s profound thoughts, both put together. We feel it is our responsibility to help this family grow.

Jyotsna Dhavade

Let the world be free from disease

Jyotsna Dhavade

I went through myriad experiences during my journey of six years with the Niraamay family. I got to undertake new responsibilities, which has been a learning experience. My life has been shaped by Niraamay, which continues to help me in my daily routine. At the outset, Mr.and Mrs. Chandorkar assured me that every problem has a solution. However, we should search for it. Difficulties arise to teach us a lesson. We should learn from them and forget the unpleasant incidents. My work at Niraamay gives me inner peace. I realize time and again that I am much better off than others when I observe their problems. At such times I silently thank Niraamay and Ishwar.

Another unique feature of Niraamay is that along with discipline, they also nurture Samskars (recommended purification processes). Fate made me face several difficulties; but Niraamay turned out to be the panacea for all. Both, Mr. and Mrs. Chandorkar are our source of energy. We wish great progress to Niraamay in future. May Niraamay reach every household across the globe. Thank you.

Sandhyarani Nikalje 1

From difficulty to dexterity

Sandhyarani Nikalje

I was totally ignorant about the Swayampurna Upchar method when I joined Niraamay. My mind was full of doubts regarding the existence of such a healing method and whether I can undertake the same. With regular guidance from Mr. and Mrs. Chandorkar I gained many insights. Both of them have created a closely knit family within Niraamay. Just as bees accumulate potent nectar in their honeycomb through teamwork, so do all the associates in Niraamay work under one roof to relieve the patients of their troubles. Thus, together they bring back the taste in the life of the patient just as honey does. Often some member drops a message on the Niraamay group about the needs of a patient, and then the treatment is provided with teamwork, no matter where the person is located. As a result of the treatment provided the patient recovers quickly. The uniqueness of Niraamay lies in the fact that everyone works joyfully for the happiness of others. Life is full of problems. But, Niraamay has enabled my formerly difficult life journey to become easier, smoother and more beautiful. I pray for the ongoing guidance from Mr. and Mrs. Chandorkar leading to enhanced knowledge and complete wellbeing in my life.

Rushikesh Pandit

Built self-confidence in me

Rushikesh Pandit

I was very different before I joined Niraamay. However, I was always spiritually inclined. Thus, I commenced my work in Niraamay with enthusiasm. I started observing that the patients who were in pain before meeting our doctors had a feeling of contentment written across their face after availing of the treatment. Patients often mention on the phone that Mr. and Mrs. Chandorkar are like the Parameshwar for them. On hearing this I always feel sure in my mind that I am working at the right place. Over time, I had many beautiful experiences which added to my knowledge. Many patients have experienced a significant change in their state of mind merely by listening to the various YouTube videos of Mr. and Mrs. Chandorkar. Even I have experienced the same. All this has created in me self-confidence that urges me to overcome any difficulties without feeling hopeless.

The informative Dhyan sessions conducted during the corona pandemic proved to be very useful for many. Being in touch with Niraamay enables me to get over all my sorrows. The willpower and positive vibrations from Niraamay always accompany me everywhere. I realized after joining Niraamay that our mind has the power to even overcome big crises. The objective of Niraamay is not just to earn money; but to ensure complete wellbeing of the patient. I am indebted to Niraamay for the many great things that I have learnt here and will continue to learn.

Nitin Shinde 1

Mission of social work

Nitin Shinde

I had never imagined that I will be a part of a large organization such as Niraamay. After undergoing the training, I was amazed to learn the nature of work and that patients can be cured without medicines, without physical contact merely through the medium of subtle energy. Initially it was difficult for me to believe in this since I had never heard of any such thing.

Niraamay proved to be the Sanjeevani (the venerable magical potion) for patients when the world was facing the corona pandemic. Many worked in the center round the clock when everything else was closed in order to provide treatment to patients. Patients were being provided with the physical and mental power to fight off corona infection through the medium of subtle energy. This enabled them to overcome the infection through enhanced immunity. Niraamay Wellness Center was honoured with a memento and certificate by the daily Lokmat and Saam TV for its commendable work during the pandemic. We felt proud when Mr. and Mrs Chandorkar attributed the credit for this award to all of us. Niraamay already has good support from the society; but it is reaching out to a lot more people through mass media platforms such as radio and television, as well as social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. We pray to the almighty that Niraamay would continue to serve the society and that we would continue to play our role in the same.

Shruti Saundattikar

Niraamay brings conspicuous changes

Shruti Saundattikar

I was introduced to Niraamay during my brother’s illness. I was amazed to see the surprising improvement in his health. I felt the urge to be a part of such work and thus joined Niraamay in 2015. It is here that I learnt concepts such as subtle energy, Panch Tatvas and Sapt Chakras for the first time. I learnt to face any challenge in life, overcame illnesses and got over my fears. I learnt to consider any situation from all angles. This enabled me to digest any sorrows coming my way and taught me to move on. My innate nature of being timid and anxious completely changed after I joined Niraamay. This proved to be the turning point in my life. Thank you.

Amruta Magdum 1

A refreshing new experience

Amruta Magdum

I applied for a job in Niraamay when my mother was undergoing treatment here and subsequently joined in 2015. A fantastic new world opened up for me here about which I had never even imagined. I got to interact with the patients directly since I have been working on the reception desk. This provided me with an opportunity to watch the myriad experiences of patients at close quarters. It has been a fulfilling experience to observe the gratitude of patients towards Niraamay, their affection and love towards the staff, and the fact that I am a part of it.

I could safely recover from Covid infection solely due to the treatment and positivity at Niraamay. The organization is indeed like a large family, which includes the doctors, healers, other staff members and even the patients. We all are rightly proud to be a part of this energy filled journey.

Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!