Prachin Shastra (Ancient Indian Science)

Prachin Shastra by Mr. Yogesh Chandorkar

Prachin Shastra has been a very long and unbroken tradition of philosophy in Bharatvarsh (Indian subcontinent), which is depicted in the glorious history of the country spanning thousands of years. This seamless flow has encompassed many spiritual and religious traditions.

The vast ocean of Indian knowledge gave rise to and nurtured numerous Rushis and Munis (wise realized men and women) most of whom were also eminent philosophers, mathematicians, scientists and litterateurs. Their selfless work and research ensured that an endless stream of pure knowledge could be disseminated across the world.

The latent subtle knowledge in the Vedic sciences, which are the oldest of all, has been of great utility in all ages. Metaphysics, epistemology, logic and all other disciplines in the world are covered therein. The pursuit of knowledge by the Rushis not only focused upon the realization of the ultimate truth and Paramatma (universal cosmic energy); but also various aspects of human life, both material and spiritual. No wonder, Indian philosophy based on Dharma (a way of life that upholds), tries to fathom the core objective of human life and its nature.

Prachin Shastra

Our ancestors had accomplished this great work for the benefit of entire mankind and in the process created a highway to sustainable growth for generations to come. Unfortunately in the present times people are frittering away this eternal knowledge out of ignorance. The reason for the decline of this timeless wisdom and the indifference of the younger generation towards the same stems from the fact that the scientific truths hidden behind these traditions, culture, knowledge and way of life are not conveyed to them. The present generation increasingly focuses on knowing the rationale behind any practice, and when they do not get a logical answer to a question, they tend to ignore that tradition. The older generation seldom has any convincing answers since they too are ignorant about the underlying scientific concepts of Indian culture.

Indian philosophy has always served as a beacon for the world. It has always recommended the spiritual path to explore the truth and reality. In order to conserve this ancient knowledge treasure that enables human welfare, and to disseminate its message among the people, especially the youngsters, and create an attitude of respect in their minds towards the same, through the medium of the program ‘Knowledge behind ancient Indian science’, Shri Yogesh Chandorkar, Founder, Niraamay Wellness Centre, has been painstakingly studying India’s timeless philosophy and the scientific concepts coded in the Shaastras.

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