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Niraamay Diwali – A silver lining for those in distress

The Indian tradition teaches us to remain socially conscious while seeking our own growth. There are many sections of the society, which require an emotional helping hand and a word of love. The Niraamay family celebrated this Diwali in a unique way in line with last year. This festival was celebrated in Pune with the kids from Jansewa Foundations’s rehabilitation center who are devoid of parental love.

The entire staff of Niraamay affectionately welcomed the children present for this lively celebration. Thereafter, all the kids were greeted with lamps during the traditional Aukshan practice. After this ancient process that helps attract the positive cosmic energy, an interesting puppet show was presented for these youngsters, which was a blend of entertainment and knowledge! Later, all those present actually lost track of time in heartfelt interactions, while enjoying the dinner. Before leaving all the kids were presented with new clothes and a packet of Diwali sweets. This was Niraamay’s humble effort to bring the light of hope and a stream of joy in the lives of these innocent children.

With your support, the journey of Niraamay on the path of subtle energy completes 12 years on 11th February. Traveling this far has been possible only with your immense love and unflinching faith in us. We decided to have a blissful celebration on this joyous occasion. We have organized a special program series on the social media platforms of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram so that the ‘Niraamay Family’ spread across the globe can share this joy.

You can experience the ‘Tapapurti Saptah Sohla’ showcasing the 12th anniversary week from 11th to 17th February, daily from 8 – 9 pm from the comfort of your home. Every program will be available on the YouTube channel round the clock. So, see you soon!

Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!