Sex Chakra

स्वाधिष्ठान चक्र

Sex Chakra is located near the reproductive organ. It is represented by orange colour. This Chakra is a factor of Jaltatva. Fluidness is its subtle quality. It enables the functioning of the reproductive system. It controls the Muladhar Chakra.

Semen, blood, saliva, urine and sweat in the body are under the control of Jaltatva. This is the seat of the feeling of ‘myself’ in every person. Sexual feelings originate from here. The process of reproduction is controlled from this Chakra. It also plays a pivotal role in mental development. A person whose Swadhishthan Chakra functions efficiently is sociable, loving and creative.

Meditation - Sex Chakra

It can also lead to mental retardation, uncontrolled sexual desires, and a doubting and suspicious nature.

When problems arise in the functioning of this Chakra, it can lead to ailments such as reproductive problems, infertility, enlarged prostate, disorders of reproductive organs, urinary bladder disorders, chronic kidney disease, kidney stone, menstruation issues, PCOD and difficulties in conception and delivery.

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Sex Chakra

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