Method of Treatment for
Swayampurna Upchar in 4 steps

Niraamay Wellness Center’s Method of Treatment for Swayampurna Upchar
without medicine, without touch, on any ailment is as follows

Method of Treatment

To begin with this Method of Treatment, the patient has to meet the doctors by personally visiting the Niraamay Wellness Center or through video conferencing. If the patient is not in a condition to meet, his relatives should meet the doctors with his recent photograph. Before connecting with the doctors, a form has to be filled mentioning the details of the ailment. After the required discussion and counseling, the patient undergoes the Swayampurna Upchar treatment. 

This method involves a conscious meditation session of five to 10 minutes. The patient’s energy assessment is also undertaken during the treatment. Subsequent treatment is based on the presence of excess accumulated energy or its deficiency in the patient’s body. The in-person treatment charges are ₹ 200.

The staff members of Niraamay explains the Method of Treatment to the patient or his relatives, the future course of treatment that can be availed on the phone, its schedule and other details. Subsequent treatment is provided remotely on the phone. Since energy is all pervading, treatment can be availed of from any part of the world. 

The patient can avail of the treatment while he is located anywhere in the country or even abroad, from his residence or office and even while traveling by public transport including rickshaw, bus or train. Every phone treatment session is charged at ₹ 50.


The line of treatment decided upon by the doctors is remotely provided through the medium of energy. To avail of the treatment remotely, the patient needs to first call the Niraamay Center. After providing one’s form number and name, the healers at Niraamay request the patient to sit for the treatment.

The patient should sit for the treatment with his eyes closed either cross-legged or legs spread straight. Then he should disconnect the phone call. The patient can take the treatment in any comfortable position including sitting on the chair or sleeping on the bed. If the patient is not in a condition to undergo treatment his close relative can do it on his behalf. This is possible because the energy can reach the patient through the energy connection of the close relative.

Both the hands of the patient should be in the position of Saman Mudra. If it is impossible to keep the hands in this position for some reason, they should be placed in such a way that the palms face upwards. The patient should close his eyes and maintain a positive frame of mind. He should sit this way for five to 10 minutes while breathing slowing in a rhythmic way with simultaneous chanting. He should maintain regularity in the treatment sessions as decided upon.

The patient’s energy assessment is done during the follow-up session every 15 days. Changes are made in the treatment as per the need and requirement. As the disease gets cured, treatment is stopped. If a need arises, the patient can feel free to contact the doctors again. The phone treatment centre of Niraamay functions for all the 24 hours and all 7 days a week.


Various treatment modes under Swayampurna Upchar

Walk in 01


The patient should personally come to the Niraamay Centre to undergo the treatment. If this is not possible for the patient, his relatives can meet the doctors at Niraamay with his latest photograph and medical reports (if available).

online icon 1


The patient can see a doctor online to start self-treatment. To start treatment online, the patient should fill the registration form or send the required information via e-mail ( or WhatsApp (7028701323).

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