Crown Chakra -
The 1000-Petaled Lotus

सहस्रार चक्र

This is like a 1000-petaled Lotus that has bloomed on the top of the head, which is known as the Brahmarandhra (gateway for the cosmic energy). This entry point for the cosmic energy faces upward. The Sahastrar Chakra and the Muladhar Chakra balance each other. Sahastrar Chakra provides the body with the Paramtattva (highest element), which is also described as nectar. It provides the life force to the body. After the Mahattattva has triggered the inclination to work among the Panchtattvas, the capacity to work is imparted by the Paramtattva. Sahastrar Chakra is the seat of Brahmajagruti (cosmic awareness) in the subtle body. It is represented by violet colour. Its subtle quality indicates the sub-conscious mind. It imparts the basic inspiration for love and oneness. This is where one learns about the Paramatma. ‘Par’ implies beyond. This Chakra enables experiences and realization that are beyond the Atma (individual consciousness) and Panchtattvas, and beyond our perception, concepts and intellect. Consider the example of Jasmine fragrance. Experiencing it is about perception. But, the inner bliss, pleasantness and contentment are felt in the sub-conscious mind. Experiences are related to the gross world, while the subtle feeling goes beyond that. A person whose Sahastrar Chakra functions well is a benevolent and realized individual.


If this Chakra weakens, the body becomes deficient in Paramtattva. This drains the bodily strength. This can lead to loss of consciousness and hallucinations. It can be activated only through Sadhana (spiritual practice). But, for that to happen, it is necessary to have the Guru’s blessings. If an impure body and mind gets excess Paramtattva, the defects can increase manifold. This can lead to ailments such as instability in the body, insomnia, increased bodily heat and loss of mental control.

It can also lead to a state of dissatisfaction and lack of mental peace.

When faults appear in the functioning of Sahasrar Chakra, it can lead to physical ailments related to the brain or pineal gland.

Typically, in most diseases more than one Chakra is affected. Swayampurn Upchar simultaneously works on all the Chakras and the entire subtle body. Thus, many diseases can be healed in one go. The time required for getting cured depends upon the level of complication of the disease, absorption capacity of the patient and frequency of treatment.

Sapt Chakras

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Muladhar Chakra

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crown chakra final

Sahasrar Chakra

It is located at the Brahmarandhra or above the top of the head.

Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!