Throat Chakra -
Special cleansing

विशुद्ध चक्र

It is located on the spine in the throat and faces towards both, the front and back. This Chakra processes the energy in the aura and provides Akashtattva to the body. Space is all pervading. Since all other elements evolve out of this, Akashtattva is the basis of all. The other elements exist in this in dormant state. This element is present in all the empty or hollow areas of all cells and parts of the body. Intestines, kidneys, urinary bladder, blood vessels and lungs are full of Akashtattva. This is necessary for the movement of other elements.

Puranas (interpretations of eternal knowledge) have described the head as Svarg (a higher state of existence), the throat as the horizon in between and the lower body as the Earth (physical level of existence). If any toxin reaches the lower portion it destroys the body and if it reaches the upper portion it can destroy the brain. Hence, the toxic effects of any rude word or deed are stored in the throat region. If it reaches downward it can result in severe belly pain and a feeling of holding back. If it reaches upwards it can result in headache, anguish and revengefulness. At such times the toxic effects can be calmed down in the Vishuddh Chakra by chanting. It is the center of cleansing in the body. It is represented by blue colour and creation is its subtle quality. Akashtattva enables creation of thoughts, expression of art forms, and formation and transformation of the fetus and cells. A person whose Vishuddh Chakra functions efficiently can be a good artist, or a successful politician, businessman or professional. If this Chakra weakens it can lead to problems such as contagious diseases and inability to think. If it becomes hyperactive, it can lead to problems such as autoimmune diseases, excess thinking and meaningless talk.

Meditation - Throat Chakra

Consumption of soft yet fleshy fruits such as musk melon, leafy vegetables, and herbs such as fenugreek and turmeric can help obtain this element. Practice of Sarvangasan and Uttanasan help in balancing this Chakra.

It can also lead to mental issues such as unnecessary worrying, irritability, feeling of guilt and confusion.

When problems arise in the functioning of Vishuddh Chakra, it can lead to throat disorders, defects in the larynx, laryngitis, tonsillitis, mouth ulcer, goiter, diseases of the thyroid or para-thyroid glands, asthma and problems of the lymphatic system.


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