Navel Chakra

मणिपूर चक्र

Navel Chakra is located on the navel and is represented by orange-yellow colour. This Chakra is a factor of Agnitatva. Heat is its subtle quality and form or vision is its basic attribute. It enables the functioning of the digestive process in the body.

Hunger, thirst, laziness, sleep and sex are under the control of Agnitatva. The important functions of digestion, assimilation, blood formation, excretion, reproduction, respiration and circulation are governed by this Chakra. It undertakes the task of converting the food eaten into the necessary energy. It is the centre of all types of awareness. Its quality is to act according to the situation. A person whose Manipur Chakra functions efficiently is an achiever.

Meditation - Navel Chakra

It can also lead to mental problems such as energy deficiency and confusion

When the functioning of Manipur Chakra is affected, it leads to digestive disorders, vomiting and dysentery, constipation, problems of the liver, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, bile troubles, ulcerative colitis, gall stones, piles, appendicitis, jaundice, IBS, circulatory problems, diabetes, ulcer, food allergies and hernia.

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