Navel Chakra -
A shining jewel

मणिपूर चक्र

It is located on the spine near the navel and faces towards both, the front and back. This Chakra processes the energy in the aura and provides Agnitattva to the body. Fire element represents the light in nature. This element transforms food into energy. It plays a major role in digestion and metabolism. It performs the functions of digesting the food ingested, assimilating it and transforming it. Agnitattva is responsible for nutrition, strength, desires, skin tone, will to live, overall health and the subtle life forces of Ojas and Tejas in the body.

Manipur Chakra plays a pivotal role in maintaining the life force in the body. It is represented by yellow colour. Transformation is its subtle quality. As elaborated by Rushi Charak, the body contains 13 types of fires. This includes one Jatharagni, seven types of Dhatvagni and five types of Bhutagni. The food we eat is first digested by Jatharagni and transformed into the substance of the various Dhatus. Thereafter, the five Bhutagnis convert the same into the five elements. This ensures energy supply for all the important functions in the body. A person whose Manipur Chakra functions efficiently is an achiever. If the Manipur Chakra is weakened, the body experiences deficiency of Agnitattva. This results in loss of appetite, indigestion, dysentery, food allergies, ascites, low blood pressure and depression. If the Manipur Chakra becomes agitated, problems such as improper assimilation, Pitta (one of the three bodily tendencies) disorders, fatty liver, jaundice, ulcers, constipation, high blood pressure, hyperactive nature and mental confusion can manifest.

Meditation - Navel Chakra

Consumption of ginger, garlic, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, rock salt and sea salt can provide Agnitattva. The functioning of Manipur Chakra and digestion is improved by engaging in Shatpavli (brief slow post-meal walk) and Vajrasan.

It can also lead to mental problems such as energy deficiency and confusion

When the functioning of Manipur Chakra is affected, it leads to digestive disorders, vomiting and dysentery, constipation, problems of the liver, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, bile troubles, ulcerative colitis, gall stones, piles, appendicitis, jaundice, IBS, circulatory problems, diabetes, ulcer, food allergies and hernia.

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