Energy Healing for Mental Illness

Do this if you have lost all the interest in life…

Presently, the entire world is in trouble due to Corona-virus. Financial plannings are collapsing. People are worried about their future. Their daily routine has gone for a toss. This has led to increasing depression. Depression is resulting in behavioural changes. Get rid of this rising negativity, as soon as possible.

Cleanse your mind to remove negativity.

Relax the entire body. Take a slow, deep breath and exhale slowly. Keep breathing calmly in a rhythm. Think and tell yourself, that ‘I have to remove all the negativity from inside me’. With every breath that I exhale, I will throw out, all the fear, all pressures, all of the stress, tensions, all anger, feelings of guilt, and worries of the future. All the negativity within myself is being destroyed. I am receiving calmness, positivity with every breath that I am taking in. I am receiving internal strength. I am feeling completely calm, strong.

You will experience calmness with these self-suggestions. However, this will need consistency. Speak out, if you are not able to do this consistently. Talk to somebody who can give the correct guidance.

Over the last ten years, several patients have opened up with Niraamay and have been successful in their lives after receiving all the positivity from here.
When an art student, who was tired with her life, came to Niraamay Wellness Centre, her eyes were full of sadness and a mind crowded with a storm of various, negative thoughts. She was forcibly brought to Niraamay by someone. All here words were replaced with tears. A feeling of loneliness, coming out of hatred towards the near and dear ones, had brought her towards the end of life. The burden on her mind was reduced due to energy healing at Niraamay. She experiences an improvement in her relations. Later she achieved a degree, got married and today is the mother of a child.

Another highly educated boy, who had gone abroad after studies, returned within months after leaving his job there. Thereafter, he had lost interest in living. He had not revealed to anyone all that must have happened to him abroad. His mother came with his problems to Niraamay Wellness Centre. Energy healing at Niraamay helped bring about corrections in his mental, as well as physical health. This very boy is today preparing to set up his own business. Many like him are living a happier life today, thanks to the Swayampurna treatment given by Niraamay.

Where this negativity, which promotes suicidal thoughts, come from?

At times, one fails to live the ‘present’ in happiness due to certain unpleasant happenings in the ‘past’. One fails to enjoy the benefits despite having everything needed for a happy life. Sometimes, we must have committed some mistake or done something wrong. The guilt keeps disturbing us. Sometimes, we must have left something undone or unachieved, which makes us feel as if we have been left behind in life. For all this, we continue to blame ourselves.

It also happens that someone has treated us badly or deceived us. Such incidents result in a changed perspective while looking at others. We start looking at all through the same angle and then feel bad. The anger and guilty feeling about ourself start building up in our minds.

Disappointment, failure, financial problems, and burden of responsibilities, lead to creating doubts about our own existence. This results in a highly sensitive or angry nature. One turns out to quite or irritated. This mind continues to be full of wrong thoughts. These very thoughts lead to negativity.

How can negativity be destroyed?

Every thought that comes to our minds, creates some or the other vibes. These vibes continue to saturate in our mind. Svayam-purna treatment helps balance the energy between the body and the mind. All unwanted energy created and saturated due to wrong thinking and behaviour gets released with this treatment. At the same time, it also creates and provides the requisite positive energy. This treatment can also be given over a phone call. This leads to physical as well as mental well-being and positivity. This can also treat some chronic ailments.

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Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

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