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We are aware that diet, lifestyle and daily routine play a significant role in human wellbeing. But, if this is done as per time-tested principles, and is supported by right exercise and different levels of meditation, then it is easy to achieve complete wellbeing. The novel diary – ‘Niraamay Jeevan’ Sutra – explains these very concepts, which if implemented can provide complete wellbeing. Details pertaining to the impact of routine practices on our physical and psychological wellbeing, including how to get up from bed, which prayer to recite, which exercises to do, how to take a bath after morning chores, why to practice different levels of meditation for mental peace, how should the diet be, why to light a lamp in the evening, why to have dinner with the entire family and which prayer to recite at bedtime, are mentioned in the diary ‘Niraamay Jeevan’ Sutra.

Implementing all these guidelines is sure to have a positive impact on your life! But, along with actually experiencing these changes, it is equally exciting to note down the same on paper, which will depict the entire journey from start to end at a glance. This novel diary enables you to document all these changes. This well planned program spans a period of five months. You have to document the daily changes observed, along with the date. At the end of this period the notes between the start and end dates will bring immense joy to you, along the satisfaction of having achieved a milestone. It will become a component of the daily routine such that you won’t even notice when this holistic lifestyle became an integral part of you. That’s why you should have a copy of the diary ‘Niraamay Jeevan’ Sutra!

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