An effective remedy for Arthritis…

Along with heart disease, diabetes, paralysis, cancer, arthritis is also considered as one of the chronic diseases. Unbearable pain and impairment make a patient decrepit.

Arthritis is related to joints. Arthritis is a general term, derived from the Greek words arthro-, meaning ‘joint,’ and -itis, meaning ‘inflammation.’ The main task of joints is to enable movement and inflammation in these joints results in pain and restricts movement. This is termed at ‘rheumatism.’

Ageing and overuse of joints leads to wear-and-tear of the joint’s cartilage. Other common causes also include accidents, joint surgeries, and weakness of muscles.

Erosion is caused in the joints near our neck and spine (spondylosis), knee, ankle as well as fingers. This leads to pain in these joints and it further leads to making them nonfunctional. For example, the neck or the hip-joints pain or become stiff.

Rheumatism or rheumatic disorder is also a type of arthritis. Joints get swollen also in diseases like lupus, scleroderma, dysentery, sarcoidosis, cancer, tuberculosis, and chikungunya. In the case of rheumatic arthritis, the patients experience pain and swelling in joints near fingers, wrists and ankles. The joints are stiff when one wakes up in the morning or just after completing short rest periods. Movement is initially restricted but the joints loosen up as one starts moving. At times, fingers and other joints get deforms. Swelling leads to weakening of the joints. Symptoms like fever, irritation of the eyes, tiredness, loss of hunger can be seen in such patients. The effect is also felt on blood veins, bladder, lungs and heart. Pain and disability also leaders to psychological weakness.

Arthritis in largely found in women while men suffer mainly from gout and ankylosing spondylitis.

Swayampurna treatment has proven to be an effective remedy for arthritis. This helps balance the five elements in our body with the help of energy treatment. In arthritis ‘Vata = Sky and Air’ increase in the joints while in rheumatism, it is the ‘Aam (Pitt) = Fire and Water’ that increase. Consequentially, the Earth element gets weakened and hence, the muscles and bones degrade. The Swayampurna treatment provides the requisite elements to different parts of the body as per requirement and at the same time, the unwanted or extra elements get removed. Treatment can be given remotely, irrespective of the patients’ location.

This is perhaps the best type of treatment, during these difficult times of Corona….

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