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Achieve holistic wellbeing through meditation

Amruta Chandorkar provides guidance on creating positivity via focused meditation during Sakaal Swasthyam Sangha’s seminar in Kolhapur

Mrs. Amruta Chandorkar conducted a lecture on the health benefits of the Dharana and Dhyan phases of meditation and a community healing session, which were organized by Sakal Swasthyam Sangha at Keshavrao Bhosle Natyagruh in Kolhapur on 7th October 2023. She highlighted the importance of a calm, contented and stable mind in achieving complete health, in this event, which was very well received by Kolhapurkars. The decision or resolve made by the mind is reflected in the phase of Dharana, which determines the positive or negative outcomes. The experience of complete concentration in the Dhyan phase not only brings health; but also long-lasting joy. She added that one derives amazing results from focused meditation after deciding what one wants.

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The unique diary ‘Niraamay Jeevan-Sutra’ was presented to all those present. This distinctive diary contains detailed information about the traditional Indian scientific lifestyle. Selected five people from among those who experience health benefits after following this and keeping notes will be felicitated by Niraamay. Mrs. Sanmita Dhapte-Shinde and Mr. Ganesh Shinde also presented a musical inspirational program based on the health related devotional compositions of Sant Dnyaneshwar. Niraamay Wellness Center plays a key role in this entire campaign of Sakal Swasthyam Sangha as the Urja Partner.


Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!