The knee pain stopped and the replacement was avoided

Who heal our body? Medicines? Operations? or our Body Itself? You will know the answer as you read along.

First let us know how our body is built.
Base of our Body is Bone Structure. Muscles are wrapped around bones to give our body desired shape. The creator has put heart, lungs, liver and other body parts beautifully inside our body structure and he use the muscles to tie all these body parts to respective positions with all safety precautions. He even add cartilage or disk in between the bones just like shock absorbers to absorb any shock.

As per ancient knowledge bones, muscles and cartilage comes under earth element. When one experience any pain or problem between the joints, it is due to imbalance in the earth element which controls them. When we take pain killer, until pain killer has effect on body we don’t experience any pain in that region, but once the effect is over, we start experiencing pain again. That is the reason, when our joints start complaining, we have to pay attention to cure it. Our body always give us signal about problems it is facing, it is us, who don’t pay any attention to it, until it becomes severe.

When you come to Niraamay for treatment, at that time we listen to what body is saying. Means we check the area having pain for life energy, whether it is increased or decreased, we also check which element is not balanced thoroughly.

Any Pain in Neck, Upper Back, Lower Back, knee means there are some blockages in the energy channels in that area or any imbalance in elements controlling that area. Now as all above, come under earth element we treat the Muladhar Chakra which controls the Earth Element. We do Swayampurna energy healing of Muladhar Chakra. Due to that any blockages in energy channels get removed and you get pain relief and after few days you get completely healed.

Sangita Pathak, granny with an age of 73, could barely stand due to knee pain. Doctor advice to knee replacement. At this old age she don’t want to go through surgery, so she visited Niraamay.
She took Swayampurna Healing treatment and within 6 months knee pain stopped completely. Its over 2 years now. She can climb stairs without any pain and problem. Now you must have realized that treatment given at Niraamay gives you, life long results. Many of similar age to Mrs Pathk experience knee joint pain. Now a days even young people visit Niraamay with a problem of Knee pain, back pain and toes pain. The main reason is lack of Exercise and due to that stiffness in muscles.

Mr. Vilas Shirsath, a young catering professional. Continuous standing, irregular lunch timings result in left knee pain. It was so intense that he could not walk properly. After trying Pain Killer, Plaster and medicine packs for many days, he did not find any relief from the knee pain. So he visited Niraamay. After just one treatment we ask him to sit by folding his legs. At that time his pain was reduced by 5 to 10 %. Due to this experience, his confidence in the Niraamay Swayampurna Treatment increased and he started taking regular treatments. Within two months he started feeling ok, and after six month of treatment his knee pain was gone for ever.

Now, why this happens? At Niraamay we give full energy to each patient, but based on how much energy is used by your body, duration of recovery varies from patient to patient. If you keep tailing your brain that you will not get healed, no matter how much energy we give, to your body, it will not get healed. On the contrary, if you accept this energy with positive mindset, then your body will get healed very fast. Because it is our body which heals it self. This is the answer to the question asked in the first line and this The Truth. We are just instruments which make it happen.

To know more on joint pain, please watch this video.

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