Swayampurna Upchar for That time of the month

A very common picture of all the women’s in the world glancing over the calendar to check what exactly is the date and sudden the words come out of their mouth is Oh! It’s that time of the month again! The experience of every women with menstruation is different. Some anticipate pain , some go through cramps, some lose their appetite and some goes through mood swings, overall those four days are tougher for all women. Menstruation is the self-purification process for every woman where body mechanism removes the toxins and impurities from the body.
In today’s time women’s are facing through lot of sufferings with their periods like, irregular cycle, heavily bleeding and longer number of days etc. Changing lifestyle is the root cause of these problems, now a days we have started to consume unhealthy and junk food instead of nutritious food, job pressure and workplace stress has put somewhere fitness out of priority list and many women’s are going through lot of emotional abuse whether it is personal life or professional which is affecting their mental health.

We all know how rapidly cutting of trees and pollution due to human action disturbs the nature cycle, is responsible for global warming. Due to which today world is facing lot problems like floods, droughts, landslides, earthquake and storms etc., exactly same happens with human body. If the fire element (Agni tatva) increases in human body, in reaction to that water element (Jal tatva) proportion decreases. As a result body heat increases and today we can see that maximum people are suffering with Pitta (bile) issue. In menstrual cycle balance of water element is very important.

As we discussed above that body just not having adverse effect of our eating habits but along with this our thoughts is also having a huge impact over our body. With competitive life style, the conflicts in relationship have also affecting mental health and body is going through lot of stress.
Ms. Neeta Patil 35 years old belongs to Murud Janjira is one of our patient. She is having a good experience of Niraamay Swayampurna Upchar. During her periods she suffers with severe pain, which was unbearable for her. She used to take complete bed rest during those days. With the help of Swayampurna Upchar not only she got relief in her period’s pain, but also her eyesight got improved and now no longer she is using eye glasses for vision.

Pain in lower uterus area, back and in lower back is like something which every woman experiences during her menstruation. Imbalance between fire and water element in body is the reason behind this. In Niraamay center we just not balance these elements but also work on the seven chakras of body. Therefore it just not helps you to recover from your major health concern but also heals the other concerns too, like Ms. Neeta Patil who also got help to improve her vision with the help of Swayampurna Upchar. Swayampurna Upchar builts the strength of your body tissues and increases their working efficiency.

A young girl Nitisha, she was Ph.D. aspirant. Whenever she got her periods, she was needed to hospitalise. As she suffer with loose motion and heavy body weakness. Her digestive system was so weak that she was not be able to digest the food and at the end she required saline. One day her mother brought her to Niraamay centers directly from hospital. With the help of Niraamay Swayampurna Upchar, she started show improvement. We advised her to take meals in small amount of quantity, with intention to observe her digestion process. Slowly slowly we increased her diet as there was improvement in her digestion. Now her cycle is regular and importantly no hospitalisation is needed anymore.

White discharge is also one of the major concern which maximum women facing during the periods. What exactly is the White Discharge? A thick white discharge can occur throughout your menstrual cycle .This discharge is known as leukorrhea, and it’s a normal. But if you are experiencing white discharge with bad odour, itching in vagina and burning sensation during urination, it’s not normal and requires treatment. Sometime there might be chance of yeast infection. Due to white discharge women generally experience lot of weakness and irritation In Niraamay we do proper examination of your body as well as your mental health before starting the treatment and you will find with start of the treatment that the signs and symptoms like this, starts disappearing once the treatment began.

A 30 years old Purva Phulambrekar were not got her natural periods since last 15 years. She was taking Hormones tablet to get her periods but the medicines were having adverse effect over her body. She approached Niraamay and with consistent treatment of 3 to 4 months duration, there was start of period cycle in natural way. She got miraculous results, her period was regular and sufferings were reduced.

In her case we initially stopped her hormonal tablets. The doctors from where she was taking treatment earlier, suggested for her to remove both ovaries as they have become unproductive. In fact modern medical science considers human body as a machine, and finds applicability of same treatment for different disorder. On the contrary, ancient health science examines nature of patient’s body (Prakruti) understand the need of body and according to that draws a line of treatment. According to ancient medical science not a single tissue of body is unproductive, but through treatment its efficiency can be increased. Niraamay follows the same concept.
Now a days we can see that many girls are attending menstruation in very early age, where some are not even in there adolescence. Due to this many of the girls after marriage were not able to conceive and take help of IVF or Test Tube Baby treatment. But Niraamay is having a suitable solution for such problem which doesn’t require any medicine, operation and touch that is Swayampurna Upchar.

This treatment really helped many of our female patients to come out of the struggles of those days. Because we do not consider human body as a machine but understand the need of that body and provide them healing.

For more information on Menstruation, please go through below video

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