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Alliance is not restricted to politics only, but it is evident everywhere in human body. That is the reason our human body still exist. In every alliance there should be synchronization otherwise different health disorders will certainly occur. The association of “Panch Tatwas” (Aakash, Vayu, Agni, Jal & Pruthvi) should be well maintained. The minor imbalance will create situation like arthritis. If you feel swelling or stiffness at your fingers and gets to normal appearance once rinsed in hot water, then be careful it is one of the initial signs of arthritis.

Among five “Tatwas” present in human body a small deficiency in Vayu, Agni and Pruthvi can result into development of arthritis. We are completely unaware that digestive system is largely responsible for this. That is why one should avoid excessive oily, stale and refrigerated food to keep away various disorders related to arthritis. Many individuals have habits to consume water during their meals. As per Ayurved one should consume water at least 30mins before and after the meal. You will not trust; our body does not require much water. Whatever water we consume, very small fraction can actually enter into cell through blood, rest will be removed outside the body through urine.

At present, one strange advice being given to consume certain litres of water per day, where as there is different requirement of water per individual. Just try to recall, sometime we are so thirsty that after consuming so much of water, we are not satisfied. Why it is like that? That time our body is not thirsty but it is the necessity of blood cells. That is why Ayurved says “Pani Chaun Kha”(Eat water by mastication) now you will say, how it is possible? In this case you just need to take one sip of water in the mouth, allow it move in different angles of the mouth followed by churning underneath the tung. Because of these salivary glands under your tongue and on the sides and roof of your mouth release saliva and water mixes with your blood.

There is no need to drink litres of water. If you add glass of water to a recipe which has been prepared with lot of efforts, it will become tasteless. Proper recovery in terms of taste is not possible. Similarly, if you drink water, when digestion process is in progress in the body, will lead to disorder prone condition like arthritis.

Mrs Sarita Joshi, age 65 was miserably suffering from arthritis and not able to walk and lift spoon with her hands. Medicines proved ineffective. She was worried about her further progress in life and incidentally came to Niraamay. With strong belief and positive intent, she received “Energy Treatment” for about 2 years at Niraamay and her difficulties were reduced to 80%. But Energy Treatment for 2 years? Yes, it can be even more time than this. As health disorders like arthritis not developed in one day, but it is result of accumulation of impurities over the period of time. We need to work simultaneously on “Panch Tatwas” and “Urja Chakra”. This should be like sending high speed vehicle on slope back to opposite direction. We know this happens and we have many more cases like this.

Mrs. Radha Kulkarni was spotted with arthritis at the age of 23, and was receiving modern medicine treatment in terms of heavy doses of pain killers for quite a long time. It doesn’t treat the cause but pains become unbearable. Mrs. Kulkarni were entirely dependent on others for all her daily needs. Eventually she became diabetic. This results into severe body stiffness and she was bedridden at her house. Incidentally a Saam television episode of Niraamay proved to be a helping hand to her. Journey of Mrs. Kulkarni from bedridden to independent personality was a challenge to Niraamay, which has been proved successfully with help of “Energy Treatment” at Niraamay for about one and half years.

This all happens only at “Niraamay” whatever be the health problem, come to us receive our counselling from experts in this field, and relived 50% from your complications at this stage only. We don’t work on a single specified health disorder but we attempt for serene health. We treated many patients effectively for various health disorders, where there is no treatment in modern science including arthritis.

I strongly and positively appeal to one and all, don’t miss this opportunity and get yourself treated with “Energy Treatment”

Kindly see this video to know more about arthritis and its treatment…

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