Niraamay “Swayampurna Upchar” will fulfilled the dreams of many couples eager to have a child!

Having a baby is a wonderful time for every couple. In our society newly married couples are expected to extend their family as early as possible. Certainly every couple wants to give a birth to a baby not just with intention to extend their bloodline but to give a shape to two humans love, care for each other and make their bond stronger. However, if couples could not be able to get the child through natural way, it definitely impacts their relation. At present we can see such couples around us whose relation is broken down due to not able to conceive. But how many of us really aware that our childhood can also be one of the reasons of infertility.

If we look at the journey of human being (whether Male/female) from early stage of childhood to the adulthood, certain factors creates long lasting impact over the body. Like, food plays vital role in human body development, if a child is not getting nutritious food as per the requirement of his growing age, it will adversely affects the body development which includes its reproductive system also. Here it is very important to mention about the stress, now many of you will certainly have a question in mind, How come a child have a stress? So In current world we can see that how competition is getting increased day by day, whether its studies, sports, extracurricular activities, work place pressure and etc. If a stress doesn’t received timely intervention, it carried by a person in him/her with growing age. Stress is having adverse effect over person’s physical as well mental health, and to cures that health concerns they start to intake medicines form very early age.

Let us see the case of infertility in both man and woman with the understanding of major concern in their reproductive health-

If we discuss about the man disturbances of sperm maturation is the main reason like not having a sperms in semen, not to have require number of sperms count, not having a healthy sperms, sperm transport disorder.

In case women disturbance of oocyte maturation ( hormonal imbalance) , tubal factor infertility, endometriosis abnormalities of ovaries, fallopian tubes or the uterus, antibodies against oocytes or sperm.

Women body goes through lot of complication, along with this their body goes through lot of emotional developments. Therefore it is very important that women needs to take proper care of her physical as well as mental health. Sometimes it has also been seen that neither husband nor wife having infertility issues, their reports are also normal but they did not get the require result. Why such things happen, requires research from its root cause.

Male and female reproductive system defects are not only the reason behind not having a child, there are many other reasons possibly and to identify those reasons nothing is much efficient then ancient Indian science.

In today’s modern world couples are opting artificial insemination, investing their huge amounts but not getting any positive results. Which clearly shows that Modern medical science is not that effective over the diseases related to reproductive system?

We all know that modern science considers human body as a machine. They prescribed patient to having an intercourse during the period of ovulation to get positive result, whether you are willing or not. Soft-hearted woman could not be able to respond for the intercourse without her willingness to that. Even though if it’s done with half heart there is lesser chance of getting positive result. In our tradition the intercourse of man and woman is called SAMBHOG (Sex)’ Sam Pramanat Bhog’ means both man and woman having an orgasm (sexual satisfaction). In our culture we believe that when both the husband and wife should together for intercourse with true love and affection towards each other, to get the child. In Niraamay’s Swayampurna Upchar, we also give importance to intercourse with full love and affection between couple.

A young married girl Riya Gurjar from Mumbai lost her baby due to miscarriage. After the tragic event next 4 years a couple tried for the baby, but they were not getting positive result. When Riya approached Niraamay, her body was having effect of Dengue, fissure, weakness due to loose motions, along with it her mental health was primary concern for us. With such situation we started Niraamay’s Swayampurna Upchar and in next one and half month of treatment she was pregnant. With full care she gave a birth to a baby. Riya call her baby as Niraamay baby which is truly happiest moment for all of us.

Treatment like IVF collapses people financially without any expected result, as well as due to side effects of treatment woman health gets deteriorated and the married life of couples gets finished.
We suggest to the couples who approached us to come out from the calculation of dates and accompany to each other, feel the love you have for each other. And, whenever you feel that this is the right time, come with the mutual consent to have an intercourse in focus to have a child. To cure the problem we do the treatment over both husband and wife, as child will get his/her existence because both of them. Therefore, it requires that both should have body with require energy and efficiency to perform.

As we said in the starting ‘Having a Child is the wonderful event of anyone’s life’ but it should be Niraamay (Without any disease) for which we are here.

For more details on fertility subject , please go through below video.

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