Most effective “Swayampurna Treatment” for Arthritis

A frequently asked question in society is, what a mother is doing these days? The question is all right, but it is limited to her health only. A woman with a different role in every household is continuously busy with her work. She is expected to have multiple pair of hands (Aashta Bhuja or Dashabhuja). She is always alert about everybody’s needs throughout the day and night, however, it is not easy. Simultaneously she needs to maintain the behaviors and practices of all the family members. There is no holiday for her and she is tireless doing all these things regularly. On this hard fact, there was a very famous and successful play in Marathi “Aai Retire Hotey”(Mother’s Retirement). A present-day woman is facing different challenges in her life as additionally, she is a working woman too.

She is struggling both the ways at home and office, not even able to give time for self-care. Many times she needs to skip her breakfast and lunch on account of her tight and busy schedule. At present time it is tough to get the required and appropriate nutrients to the body. More distressing is the mental stress or psychological pressure. In addition to this hormonal changes and various problems during the menstrual cycle are there. Despite of these difficulties, she stands alone strongly so hats off to her. No male in the world would be able to sustain this even for one single day. Due to this more female patients are found suffering from various disorders of arthritis.

Different stresses at home and office have various adverse impacts on “Energy Chakra” These stress-induced impacts result in the accumulation of negative energy which in turn starts joint stiffening. That is why we keep on saying; to take out 15min daily from your busy schedule. Perform Surya namaskar, Kadam-tal, a warm-up exercise that resists your body from getting stiff. Take at least 2 glasses of milk/day and try to forget all your stress before going to bed. These little practices on a daily basis will keep all the women in the world away from arthritis.

Whomsoever coming to Niraamay for the treatment of arthritis will get the same advice from us. Our straightforward intention is to relieve you from arthritis permanently.

Mrs. Shilpa Paranjape has been suffering from arthritis for last many years and is not able to comb and not able to eat independently. There was a swelling on her different body organs which enable her to put a step forward. At this particular stage, she started “Swayampurna treatment” at Niraamay and find herself confident in the span of 2-3 months. She became independent to perform her daily needs without any medicines.

Prolonged health disorders can be cured in 2-3 months or maybe in 2 years. It depends on blockages or accumulation of diseased energy. Whatever the circumstances, whatever the stage, we are there to help you always. As this “Swayampurna treatment” is effective at large.

There is no age bar for arthritis. If you see the advertisement pattern on television, the pharma industries are now showcasing calcium tablets for women of age group 30 instead of 40 years. The bombarding of these advertisements is to a large extent and then we start consuming calcium tablets to fulfill the calcium requirements of the body. Instead of this, keep your body fit and that is in our own hands.

Mrs. Monika Patil from Bengaluru, a young mother was severely suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis. All the painkillers proved ineffective and she was bedridden at her house. She was not able to work at home and not able to pay attention to her 2 years daughter. By profession, she was a textile designer and remained workless.

Now just think if any woman goes through such a situation, what will be her mental state? She was feeling guilty for being dependent on others. Psychologically one starts thinking negatively to the extent of ending life. This was indeed a very critical situation. Being a mother Mrs. Monika tolerated these circumstances for 7-8 years. With her good fortune, incidentally, she watched Niraamay live telecast on Sam TV and decided to visit Niraamay, Pune center. It was not easy for her to visit, but with the help of her husband, she entered the treatment room of Mr. Chandorkar. On the way back from her first visit to the treatment room, she was without any help or support.

We continuously telling to people that feel the experience of energy treatment and then decide whether they want to get connected with “Swayampurna Treatment”.

If case you are not residing in or around Pune, Kolhapur, and Mumbai, then no need to be panic. Niraamay is providing consultation to patients through Zoom calls. While sitting at home you can connect with us through a mobile phone and with the help of a patient’s photograph then he/she can get treatment from us. So, there is no need of traveling and trouble yourself for the treatment. To experience this get connected with us.

For guidance on arthritis in women kindly see this entire video…

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