Most Effective & natural “Swayampurna Treatment” on Chronical Spinal disorders

We all are aware that, we human beings are slaves of behaviors, practices, customs and traditions. All these behavioral aspects are positive and negative based on circumstances. The positive and negative impacts of these aspects are directly on human body, which give rise to different health disorders. Then the most obvious thought process or course of action is getting treatment from a medical practitioner with help of medicines and related treatments. So, it becomes very hard to digest a fact that, we can cure from certain health disorder without any medicines.

We must think about, is this Medical Science is self sufficient to cure patient? Every now and then, there is discovery of new health syndrome with help of modern intensified research. Based on this fact, is there a guaranty that modern medical science has remedies or treatment on it? Few in the list are Lordosis, Scoliosis, Ankylosis etc., but in the recent time there is no concrete treatment available on it.

These are newly invented spinal disorders. Sciatica is of the most common spinal problem, which includes unbearable pains in legs, difficulties in standing and walking etc. which is related to spinal system. There is nerve starting from neck to toe which being divided into different spines. If our spins impacted by any kind of heavy dash or shook, then this nerve is squeezed or contracted eventually our legs are suffered. There is no treatment for this in modern medical science, and if extent of this disorder not controlled which may result in lowering of leg height.
Ankylotic Spondylitis which is also termed as “Bamboo Spine”. Where spine stiffness is like a bamboo. There is restriction on all our body movements and activities. In severe Ankylosis Spondylitis, if the patient is asked to move neck, he or she can only able to move eyes instead of neck. In this situation doctor advice to take care of upper and lower back, reason is a small substantial pressure can crack your spine. When modern science raises their hands due to unavailability of effective treatment, what a common patient can do? Where he will go?
So, we call you all, come to “Niraamay” if you believe or not, we will help you. We treat you on the basis of our ancient health system, where we focus on synchronization of five elements of nature and balancing of Urja Chakras. We follow the pattern of “Energy Treatment” It is not at all necessary that you know all this in detail. You only let us know that is there any considerable effect in your health status.

Mrs. Neha Pethe, a 63 years old lady by profession a school teacher (retired) was suffering from heavy knee and toe pains. People who stand for longer time, tend to suffer from this. Mrs. Pethe was not able climb staircase also. Being a long serving teacher, initially she don’t believe on “Urja Treatment” of Niraamay. Her husband forced her to receive “Urja Treatment” from Niraamay. Mrs Pethe was not entirely positive and keen to receive this treatment, result is after a month long treatment there is no significant improvement.

After a brief counselling session from Mr. Yogesh Chandorkar, she started receiving her treatment regularly with positive intent. Within few days she started getting positive results by lowering of pains along with other health disorders. She started noticing about lessening of varicose veins cyst. There was considerable improvement in her frequency of asthmatic attacks, otherwise an injection in monsoon time was must. At present Mrs. Pethe is spreading “Urja Treatment” and Niraamay everywhere tirelessly, once upon a time was not believing on Niramat way of treatment. Do you think this tells us everything about success of our natural efforts?
How this all happened? There is strong relationship between Body-Mind-Aura (Urja Dev). If one person is ill in the family, there is adverse effect on entire family. Similarly Five elements of nature (Panch Tatwa), Meridians (Urja Ckakra) and body organs are associated with each other, we will brief you on this also.

You have to notice one hard fact, even modern medical science will say no to treatment but we don’t have no in our methodology, we believe that where modern science has got limitations, our ancient health science has already progressed.

To know more about Sciatica, kindly understand this session.

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