Good luck for a self-reliant World…

The dried leaves fall off and new leaves sprout from the tree. Happy New Year to all those who have let go of all the burning memories of 2020 and let the new year begin in 2021.

This passing year also gave us a lot. Covid-19 (epidemic) all over the country (or across the continent) gave the opportunity to make the necessary structural changes, nature gave time for the earth to heal. It also gave humans a little leeway from their busyness, showing them that they can give themselves maximum time. It made me think about health. This happened on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The year 2020 was a time of testing that affected every area of our lives, explaining to everyone the value of time, money, man and values. Covid-19 made us aware of the basic rituals, the habit of taking our shoes out of the house, washing our hands, feet, face and changing our clothes immediately. Due to this epidemic and its consequences, new words like quarantine, lockdown, sanitation etc. came in the common Indian dictionary. People who neglected their own hygiene woke up to harsh realities. We started in the year 2020 by adopting the well-known triad of a good diet, good thinking and exercise that the body needs to keep the body healthy.

During the lockdown, many patients who were stuck at home, panicked, and suffering from illnesses were connected to healing. The facility to take treatment (remote) over the phone was among the self-healing treatments of Niramaya, which gave them a basis, a way to express mental discomfort. Staying at home was effective in physical as well as mental illness. Many expressed their feelings through phone, text message, WhatsApp and email. Thanks to everyone through this article. You offered us the opportunity to serve, so we were able to do it.

What is needed now is to spread the word. Many still have no idea that such a treatment is not only available but also prevalent. Many ailments can be treated at home, at a low cost, at the same time.

Energy therapy is a traditional healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy between body, mind and soul. This technique works directly on many harmful things, including physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. It is used to treat various medical conditions, mental or physical health-related ailments. It addresses diseases caused by difficulty in energy flow in the body. When the energy flow is regulated, the person recovers from the illness. It balances the five elements in the body.

In recent years, it has gained widespread popularity in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Self-healing is the ability of a patient anywhere in the world to recover physically and mentally through a single treatment. The expectation is that everyone will get this self-sufficiency.

Be careful. Be strong. Be self-sufficient.

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Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!