Get rid of Joint Pain or Knee Pain for ever naturally using Niraamay Energy Healing.

We checked who heal our body in last article, but how our body get sick? Do you know? I am going to explain to you how it happens, but first lets talk about Retirement Plan.
Don’t worry, I am not here to sale you any plan or policy. Now a days many people plan, How they want to spend their retirement Happily. For that they do overtime, extra work, investments, saving and many other things. They have only one target, earn as much money as they can now, so after retirement, they can leave Happily. Sounds great, isn’t It? But, Do you see Happy Retired People around you? They can’t even plan a simple trip, due to a weaker body. On top of that, if they get any serious health issues, then lot of money is spend just to recover from that.

Do you understand now? When you are earning money, you are spending your Health Currency. There are few, who don’t care for tomorrow. These people don’t give any suffering to body. But these people are wasting the Health Currency. So whether you do extra overtime or prefer relaxing, when you get old, you will have unwelcomed guest in your body. But how we get those unwelcome guests in our Body? These guest, never come suddenly. They enter slowly in to our body. How? For that we have to understand how our body works.

For body to work, it requires energy from food as well as energy from environment. Energy we receive from food and from environment is our strength. When we do any work, this energy is used and become dirty, this dirty used up energy is expelled out of our body naturally by chakras present in our energy body or aura. But when we work hard for long time for several years, based on our nature of work, we put lot of strain on muscles and joints in our Body. Large quantity of energy is used due to log hours of work. Body need to expel this dirty used up energy, and we have to give our body a required rest, during which it will expel dirty used up energy and keep us healthy. But busy people don’t have any time for body rest. Due to excessive tiring work, our body use large quantity of energy, but it did not get sufficient time to expel all dirty used up energy. Then it starts getting accumulated in the muscles and joints, which blocks the fresh energy to enter in those areas. Because of this, our muscles and joins feel the shortage of fresh energy, required to do the work. Prolong condition like this, creates a gap in joints or they start rubbing against each other. At this time, we experience pain in that area. We don’t take this first warning seriously and continue our work by taking pain killers, or applying oil and massage it. But no medicine in world can remove this old dirty used up and sticky accumulated energy, and modern medical science has only one solution to this problem, operation or replacing joint.

Tanabai Jaybhai an old granny end up in similar situation. She was suffering for 10 years with knee pain and numbness in the feet. So much that she has to were Sari by sitting on the chair, because she could not stand properly. She visited several doctors. One bone specialist suggested injection worth 2 to 4 lakhs. But if it fails, she could become handicap for life, so Tanabai decided not to follow that path and instead came to Niraamay as last resort. Due to excessive work, old dirty used up energy was accumulated in whole body, which need to be removed. We started giving her Swayampurna Healing Treatment. Within 15 days her knee pain and numbness in feet was reduced. She continue taking phone treatments. After taking Swayampurna Energy Healing of around two months, she was relived of knee pain and can walk for a mile easily.

No matter how much money one has ,one can’t be happy, if one did not have Healthy Body. For that our Body need regular exercise and rest to function properly.

Gita Nalavde energetic primary school teacher. But due to Knee pain could not walk properly. She started taking Swayampurna Energy Healing Treatment at Niraamay and now she can even play games with school kids. Forget walking, she can even jump. She took 4 trips at the age of 63. Many patients have similar experience with Niraamay Swayampurna Energy Healing Treatment. One can heal body, without taking any medicines just by taking Niraamay Swayampurna Energy Healing.

Now you believe in it or not, Niraamay has proven this from time to time. We say, do not trust what we say, come to Niraamay and experience it for yourself. And that is the healthy promise.
Keep Healthy Body as top priority in your Retirement Plan, which is the gist from this article. If you want to keep your body healthy, visit nearest Niraamay Wellness Center. And we assure you, that your FUTURE will be a HAPPY and HEALTHY FUTURE.

Please watch this video to know more about joint pain and how you can be healthy using Niraamay Swayampurna Energy Healing

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