Freedom from ICU and illness

When we get sick, what we do? We go to Doctor. We take prescribed medicine, and many times get cured. But important question is, Why we get sick?

You may answer because you eat ice-cream and got infection, or due to excess exertion got sick.
But these are the reasons we think which made us sick. How does body get sick? For that we have to understand how our body works.

Our body is made up of five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and space. These elements are controlled by invisible Seven chakras. People who are doing meditation and yoga will be knowing about them. But just because we can not see them with our eyes, saying that, scientifically they do not exists will be wrong. Because even we can not see photons and electrons which are described in science with our eyes.

Lets take simple real life example, can we see the radio waves used by mobile and dish TV? Just like invisible radio waves produce sound, and picture in TV and mobile, the bioplasmic life energy keep our body healthy and running.

Now as all cells, blood, muscles, bones are made from these five elements, any imbalance i.e. increase or decrease in the percentage of these five elements results in sickness. And what is the solution? the same bioplasmic life energy which keeps our body running.

This is very ancient science given to us by our sages in old times to keep our body healthy. We have discovered so many secrets unknown to the current science, and created a Healing method based on bioplasmic energy, called Swayampurna Treatment.

Swayampurna Healing is so powerful that it can be used to cure from simple cold to most deadly disease like Cancer, and we can give you many testimonials of people who got cured completely.
One such testimonial is by Mrs. Kale. She was suffering from Diabetes with sugar level as high as 1000. She was regularly hospitalized. She was in ICU for three months. She was doing dialysis three times a week. Also she end up in semi coma two times. Finally doctors give up hope. Her husband Mr. Nayan Kale visited Niraamay as last Hope.

We at Niraamay started giving her Swayampurna Treatment, She started recovering very fast and looking at her Medical test reports even doctors admit that it is a Miracle. She recovered so fast that within a week she was able to come home, and now she is living a normal life.

But we at Niraamay know that this is not a Miracle, every things is happening as per the laws of Nature and current science need some more time to discover the science behind it.

You need to visit Niraamay, with same confidence and faith you go to Doctor for treatment. Or At least when doctors say, we don’t have anything is our hand, do visit Niraamay as a last HOPE.
At Niraamay we do Swayampurna treatment which is no touch, no medicine energy healing treatment. Our ancient knowledge on energy science on Health is ultimate. It has a capacity to change impossible to I AM POSSIBLE. And in this age of science, We at Niraamay have proved it from time to time and will prove it again and again.

Please watch this video, to know more about Niraamay Swayampurna Treatment.

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