Get relief from Collar bone pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain without medicine and physical touch

At present we all are heavily burdened with different unavoidable responsibilities from home, work place, social status, financial, health, economical etc. You won’t believe but this may give rise to shoulder pain and related disorder. Shoulder pain is not mere problem of muscles but it is also result of adverse effect of psychological pressure. It has been noticed after studying several case studies that, if we tend to take our child on left shoulder more often to help, he or she to sleep in his/her childhood, then in unpleasant circumstances of problems in relationship our left shoulder starts paining. If a mother feeds her child on right hand side more often, then in situations where there is difference over relationships, the right shoulder of mother starts paining. This clearly indicates that there is strong relationship between shoulder pains with physical and psychological feelings.

As per modern medical science, there is instant treatment on neck pain in terms of medicines (pain killers) and use of infra-red light (physiotherapy). But this proved to be temporary and there is no long-term solution. The next stage is, use of neck supportive belt.

Mrs. Usha Pendse, an old lady was severely suffering from neck pain and receiving infra-red light shocks treatment along with pain killers. Heavy doses of medicines started upsetting her by the way of acidity. After starting “Swayampurna Energy treatment” she got considerable relief from neck pain within 2 months.

But, once any of the health disorders starts in the body, initiates other. This was proved in case of Mrs. Usha Pendse. After this there was cyst developed in her left ankle with infectious liquid formation. After diagnosis, Orthopedic doctor advised operation to remove infectious liquid from cyst and to consume steroids. But after 2 months long treatment in Niraamay, there is no considerable development for Mrs. Pendse. After series of counselling, we informed her that, there are undesirable changes in her “energy body (Urja Deha)” and due to fatty nature of the body it will take time to recover. It was advised her to receive continuous treatment with positive intent, she followed this path with immense believe on Niraamay’s way of treatment. After this, in the third consecutive month the size of the cyst was reduced. With this encouragement she continued her treatment and the result was no cyst at her ankle of left leg. She again started moving everywhere independently.

After this, she brought her son for the treatment of prolonged cough, and received relief from it permanently. After this Mrs. Usha Pendse was like a Brand Ambassador for Niraamay, and showed the way of Niraamay to many patients for reliable treatment. Her own exposure and experience at Niramay were proved to be a strong point of guaranteed treatment. Mrs. Pendse relived from pressure and impact of neck pain, what about you?

While treating patient at Niraamay, we not only treat on your fatty and energy body (Urja Deha), but try to solve the interwoven web of psychological and mental problems. In short, we act as a Psychologist without even noticing you. Do one thing, if you want to keep you shoulder fit, then don’t treat your responsibilities as an added burden. Do it by assuming it as a feeling of love towards near and dear ones. This helps you to keep your shoulder fit for longer time.

In the present time, we all are also witnessing Tennis elbow, Frozen shoulder, wrist pain etc. Mrs. Asha Abhyankar was suffering from Frozen shoulder and not able to pick small utensil at her home. After receiving treatment at Niraamay for one-month, circular hand movement was possible in her case. Eventually she got complete relief from Frozen shoulder. We also have shared experience of Mr. Jaydip who was not able to put on button for his shirt.

Many patients are experiencing these positive results. Mrs. Shradha Kulkarni visited Niramay by chance, freed from her problems in one single treatment. After this many patients enrolled themselves with Niraamay by giving her reference. We were not aware about who is Mrs. Shradha Kulkarni? After having discussion with her, we came to know that after she experienced convincing result, she was referring patients to Niraamay. There are many such experiences still not reached to us.

If you have such experience with you, share it to us. Write to us by the way of letter, message or can call us directly. You’re this effort might give someone chance to receive timely treatment for living stress-free healthy life. We duly appreciate value and welcome your experiences reached to us.

To bring about significant relief in Neck pain and muscle pain, kindly see this video…

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