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There is a very distinguished human tendency “due to inflexibility the things can be damaged or altered but can’t be scaled down or levelled down” this is behavioural firmness. But in our human body structure, spinal system provides that firmness to the entire body. Spinal system is a really a backbone of human anatomy that provides support to the entire body to perform various actions in different body postures. Certain disorders in this system changes the life of any human being in the world. The arrangement of spinal system is very unique and complex, comprising an interwoven and interconnectivity of 33 spines altogether. Serving a bridge between upper and lower body structure. Without this system human being cannot be completed in his life. But this spinal system is not merely bones but joined each other by a set of 3 kinds of muscles.

In our body, muscle plays an important role, if these muscles are weakening, the pressure is on bones. This condition gives rise to pain in bones and ultimately degeneration of bones. In between the two bones of spinal system there is a cartilage (Disc). If we tend to perform various tasks like bending, twisting, sitting, lifting in an unscientific and incorrect ways then there is chance of condition called as “Slip Disc” due to this disorder the spines will be expanded or pressed which creates gap in two spines. In medical terms it is named as “Spondylitis”

In our modern way of treatment initially different X-rays, MRI scan and other many test being carried out to find the cause. The only available mode of treatment is doses of painkillers or operation. Here Niramay’s “Swayampurn Treatment” based on energy makes difference. We begin with scanning of body energy by the way of “Aura and meridian scanning” The energy for different body organs is available through web or cluster of meridians. Simultaneously we observe the imbalance between different “Tatwas” with respect to bones and muscles. It is very important to examine “Prithvi Tatwa” in relation to spinal system.

When there is an unwanted and unbearable pressure on vertebra which tend to bend in spinal system, this results into change in size and shape of meridians. Sometimes these meridians getting distorted and unwanted complication being created, due to this they can’t provide adequate energy to different body organs. Many times, impure energy being accumulated within them. In recent times a spinal disorder called “Scoliosis”. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty. It has been noticed that the spinal size may increased or decreased along with change in the position of meridians.

In these circumstances we try to bring the meridians into their natural order by providing energy. As these meridians comes into their natural order, it helps the spines to rehabilitate to their natural order. The principal of our ancient, natural health science is, in order to removes all the health disorders from the body, the condition of the meridians should be intact. We at Niramay follow this simple principle of health science while treating the patient. The change due to this, patient is experiencing slowly and gradually in his or her own body.

One of our patient Mrs. Rashmi Inamdar was experiencing severe pains due to “Spondylitis” from last 6 years. In addition to this her uterus was also removed due to certain complications. After this she suffered with a huge unbearable pain in left portion of her body (head, Neck, Ear, Hands, legs etc.) which made her cry for long hours. It was followed by MRI scan which shows normal reports. There no concrete diagnosis, severe pains on daily basis, doses of pen killers, under this scenario Mrs. Rashmi Inamdar visited Niramay Wellness Centre Pune with a hope for solution on “Spondylitis” She took all the necessary treatment continuously with grate self-confidence and relieved from her pains in few months. All her pains reduced to a considerable extent that she doesn’t want to recall her painful past.

From her experience, one thing we want to bring to your notice that people come to Niramay with normal reports of MRI scan, consuming various medicines and experiencing their side effects. These patients were very scared and came to us with a frame of mind that something very serious happened to them. Very first instance we provide them mental support and reassure them by proper systematic and logical consultation. Sometime their own knowledge by internet surfing adding more tension to this condition. These patients slowly and gradually turned weak into their mindset and the health disorder may get more critical.

We accept this constraint and reassure patients by effective counselling with positive mindset to forget pains and experience the improvement shown by their own body. Believe that you are definitely coming out from this situation and restart your normal life. One of our patient Mr. Jaideep took treatment for 6 months uninterrupted and got relief from frozen shoulder and started driving once again.

When patient shows a positive intent then natural energy can energized your body and you will be relieved from your health disorder and feel better to live healthy life. In simple words open your doors and windows to receive natural sunlight daily, allow it to penetrate in your house, so be positive. For rest of the treatment and natural solution we as “Niramay” always there with you all……

To understand the spinal disorders and treatments in details kindly see this video without any restraint.

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