Effective “Swayampurna Treatment” on menstrual disorders

An Indian woman has been recognised as a Shakti Swaroopini for her immense contribution in building society. We believe that god has given her more strength compare to men. But the ground reality is that, the Indian women who’s just not contributing physically but also emotionally to build families, Nation and society for which she has done lots of sacrifices. Tough job like managing families as well as work place women’s are doing well and also they are setting benchmarks in every field of life. But during going through lot of physical, mental and emotional exertion they ignore their health and it creates adverse effect over her body, which comes forward in form of different disorders or diseases.

Mind is a place where any disorder arises first and slowly-slowly it captures the body. In women’s case we can easily experience this, if any woman are going through mental health issues there will be a hormonal imbalance in her body and from here disorders starts to affect her body. For an example in today’s time we can see that numbers of women are getting diagnosed with Breast cyst, which is the result of hormonal imbalance in the body.

Shivali Sonar was a patient in Niraamay; she was having a cyst in her breast and knee pain issue also. Before coming to Niraamay she has experienced different medicine treatment over the disease but did not get satisfactory results. Later on she approached Niraamay and within two months of period she was having miraculous results her knee pain was reduced and the cyst was completely vanished.

Now the question arises here that when both the diseases are different, how come one treatment helped her to come out of this? So the answer is that the five elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and earth) are responsible for the existence of human body. Any disorder in human body is the adverse effect of imbalance in these five elements. In Swayampurna Upchar treatment (Self-healing Treatment) we remove the imbalance of five elements from body, through which it become possible to cure different disorders at the same time. The duration of getting cured depends on how in-depth the disease or disorder is rooted. Otherwise, We can cure all kind of diseases with help of Swayampurna Upchar treatment.

We really would like to share here the experience of one of our woman patient. The lady got a great shock due the demise of her husband in a car accident. The shock was such a tremendous that she started bleeding and the flow of bleeding was high. The tragic event has created huge impact over her mind that she locked herself in a room and isolated herself from everyone. Whenever she recalls any memory of her husband, she started to get bleed. All most three years she gone through this and later when she visited to Niraamay, she was broken-down all her emotions were coming out in a form of tears, like her husband might pass away 2-3 days back only. Niraamay doctor’s team consoled her and helped her with counselling. We firstly worked with her to get rid out of this sorrow and painful memories and simultaneously with the help of Swayampurna Upchar treatment we healed her body too. With full confidence and belief we say Positive attitude, willpower and Swayampurna Upchar treatment these are the key things through which we can cure any physical and mental disorder. But here we would like to express that we really feels from in-depth of our heart that our women’s should know more and more about scientific considerations behind the indigenous customs and traditions. Our ancestors were true scientist and they had deep knowledge about human anatomy and physiology.

In our tradition where women were asked to keep herself separate from everyone during her menstrual cycle days and nobody supposed to have any kind of contact with her are having some specific reasons behind that. During the period of menstrual cycle women’s body get weakened and it requires lot of physical as well as mental rest. It also affects her energy body, where her aura gets contaminated with diseased energy. Therefore certain norms and rules were followed, so the other people of nearby her will not get affected from this and the lady will get enough peace and rest . This was the thought form behind all the tradition, but today’s generation considers these practices orthodoxy or conventionality. We can see that on the name of women liberation many sanitary napkin companies comes with the advertisements like if you carry with yourself the sanitary napkins you can do anything you can run , jump, can do long-time job work and may more adventurous activities. The visible effects of this are increased in percentage of various health disorders within females. A simple consideration one should understand that, during this time women body get weaken due to lack of energy. Where on the other side these advertisements clearly mentions that with help of their product women can do much more work, means you are putting them for more work.

Ms Anisha Baliga a newly married girl diagnosed with uterus and stomach infection. She was taking 18 injections along with 7-8 saline bottles in a day. Due to which her body heat got increased and she was having piles and hair fall issue. Her period cycle was also totally disturbed and also her body weight got increased. She was totally in depression and was not willing to trust anything. Anisha’s mother somehow makes to bring her Niraamay. Within a week of Niraamay treatment her piles issue reduced also there was good results over the wounds. It really helped anisha to keep the confidence in herself and trust on Niraamay, she continued the treatment. In three months span she was completely recovered. Her haemoglobin was normal, blood reports were normal and there was no infection in her sonography reports .It was only possible because of her positive attitude and Swayampurna Upchar treatment. Now she only considering Niraamay treatment over any other medicine treatment, like thousands of our patients.

For more information about Women’s Health issues , please go through below video Swayampurna Upchar Treatment

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