Complete relief from upper and lower back pain with naturopathy induced energy treatment

Do you know or ever realize that without taking any kind of medicine, a disease of any kind can bring to restoring health. In a case when we are not feeling well, one should immediately raise a self-question “where I went wrong?” People who sit for longer time and stand for longer time, they will have to face upper and lower back pain respectively. We are unaware about the mistakes like sitting hunched, bending down suddenly, picking up heavy objects unscientifically which tend to give adverse impacts to our body.

Now you will ask, should we stop working? Who will feed us? But do remember what we eat is all we bring from market. Whatever agricultural produce available in the market like grain, pulses, cereals, vegetables are harvested by using chemical based fertilizers, insecticides weedicides. These agriculture produce is lacking with nutrients and not able to nurture our body which results into improper progress of bones, nerves, tissues, ligaments, joints by not providing adequate and appropriate energy. Very prominent symptoms we are experiencing of inappropriate power into organs and tissues are like:

  • Leg pains after a marginal walk!!
  • Upper back pain after seating for considerably longer time!!
  • Lower back pain after standing for considerably longer time!!

So what is the solution for this? How we face this situation? What is the available treatment for this? Painkiller or waist belt. We all know what painkiller do, it brings tranquilize effect for some time which enables us to do some work. This condition remains for some time and once the effect is over again we suffer more severe pains. We tend to consume one more dose of painkiller. In reality the pains not being killed or relived permanently. Once this condition is unbearable we go for one ornament so called “Belt” which needs to be tied around lower back portion. This belt is an external support and provides marginal control over some body movements. It looks like the inside weaken house been supported externally. Actually there is no logical relation of belt and lower back pain. The penultimate option left is being operated, which is expensive and miserable. Then what a common man can do in this situation?

We believe to have an individual self-evaluation and understand our own health problem and rectify where we went wrong. Pay attention towards nutritious diet. We at Niraamay not focused on doing external & temporary treatment to relive pains on temporary basis but help every individual to practice self-evaluation. In order to find out the root cause of the pain we find out which nerve, ligaments and cells being damaged or weak. Simultaneously on priority basis, we find out the storage of impure energy vein (Channel) or cluster of veins. Our treatment heavily based upon removing this impure energy from affected nerve tissue and cell and provide energy treatment. You will not believe first and foremost, but you can experience on your own how this back pain will relieve swiftly.

Our achievement of successful treatment:

Middle class house wife Mrs Nanda Kotiyan (Age 56) who were suffering from severe lower back pain from last 2 years taking complete bed rest. After a routine work of about 15-20 mins, she had to take rest. Doctor prescribed her with a doses of painkiller and vitamin. Which proved to be a temporary treatment, doctor also advised her to stop consuming painkiller. This caused her a heavy loss by not contributing in a maternity process of her daughter. But there is end to this with a ray of hope through “Niramaay”. One of her close friend brought her to Niraamay, after receiving a very first treatment she was convinced with energy treatment of Niraamay. She has given her consent for continuous longer treatment. After initial 15 days of treatment, her reaction was quite encouraging, 50% of her pains are relieved. The immediate response from her was, she stopped consuming doses of painkiller and stopped using belt around her waist. Slowly and gradually she was receiving her confidence back and started picking up her granddaughter and playing with her. She proved her recovery by walking from Andheri to “Siddhivinayak” temple of Dadar without consuming painkiller and wearing belt.

Whatever happened with Mrs. Nanda Kotiyan can be happen with anybody from you. As we at Niraamay are not managing pain but eradicating or eliminating it from its root by most natural way of treatment “Swayampurna Upchar”. At present young and even small children are complaining about upper and lower back pain problems. It is very tough task to make understand young generation that without consuming any medicine we can get rid of our health disorders or problems.

On a similar way a young businessmen from Solapur came to Niraamay for a treatment who didn’t believed on Niraamay and its way of treatment. After receiving first treatment he experienced considerable change in his pains. After receiving this treatment uninterrupted for about 6 months his entire pains were stopped. On the top of it doctor’s interpretation was a gap in his spine. If you meet him now he will show a way to Niraamay for any kind of health difficulty.

Just think on it, initially in the past there were no doctors, injections and different modes of machine diagnosis. We are addicted psychologically for medicines & injections for cure. It is difficult to digest that without medicines we can get cure on everlasting basis. But one positive mind-set was noticed in above young businessmen was let’s try it once and understand. With this intention also if you walk on Niraamay Path you will experience a happy and healthy life forever. With this moto we are working for you day and night endlessly!!!

To know more about our “Swayampurna Treatment” on Upper & lower back pain kindly explore our video.

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