Cancer is not an end of everything in my life… Trust me…

In a normal circumstances human cells get degenerate or degrades before they die. While deactivating or dying these cells initiates the process of regeneration of new cells with all the essential properties for their survival. Certain disorders like infection and spreading of ill effects tend to change the cell size from their origin. These changes not being communicated to brain and being regulatory center brain not able to give orders to respective organs.

In a state when these new cells not getting utilized, their death rate becomes considerably less. On the contrary rate of formation of new cells remains unchanged. Accumulation of stationary unutilized cells at certain point in the body tends to convert it into cyst. These unwanted, stationary, uncontrolled cells and tissues spreads in human body through blood and lymph system getting multiplied uncontrolled. Which in medical terms is called “Cancer” Which has adverse effect on effective functioning various human systems.

As per ‘Yogshastra’ and “Swayampurna Treatment” Cyst and or Lump means accumulation of unwanted energy comes through excessive thought process, continuous stress, heavy physical efforts. Solid based swelling (Lump) shows unwanted growth of “Prithvi Tatva”, and occupying the place of other “Tatwas” The result of this condition is either increased or decreased the existence of all other “Tatwas” as a result of this meridians getting suppressed and changes their path, which affects the energy receiving mechanism of the body.

Almost last 2 decades, people understand that the diagnosis of cancer means the final journey of patient to death. There are evidences of how strong will power of patient and treatment termed as “Swayampurn Treatment” on continuous basis gives optimistic result. Mrs. Swati Badhe is an reassuring example for all of us.

Mrs. Swati Badhe was a ambitious working woman representing a middle-class family from Pune proceeding with her daily routine. She noticed a small cyst in her under arm, initially unnoticed and un-bothered. The family history had evidences of cancer to her mother and grandmother. On available existing fact, the cyst was examined and unwanted condition was diagnosed i.e. cancer. She lost her hopes of life and assumes that she has very less time with her. The experiences and interpretation expressed by relatives and family members added more tension to the entire scenario. It has overall effect on her work and daily routine. Adding to this many accompanying patients lost their life while receiving treatment for cancer.

But finally a ray of hopes reached in her life in terms of “Niraamay”(Swayampurna Treatment) through her close friend. After receiving uninterrupted Swayampurna Treatment from Niraamay without any medicines, operation, she cured from cancer. Other side effects and health disorders related to cancer were also cured successfully.. As a result of this, she is spending her happy and healthy life at present.

In order to witness her success drive, make sure to explore this video.

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Where there are problems, There are solutions too ! Where there is fear,
There is Courage too!

Niraamay for a healthy and happy life!