Alzheimer’s can be treated…

The shock was beyond explanation for Sushila, when her better-half Prabhakar failed to recognise her. She could not believe her ears when he asked, “Sorry, but who are you?”

This was not all. He would often forget things, like the way to his home, his address and a lot of other personal information. He was detected to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He would require assistance in managing personal chores. This led to a situation where he had to be forcibly brought back home as he simply stepped out and started walking in a direction unknown to him. Treatment at different hospitals and consultations with veteran medicos failed to generate any positive response and he would always be bed-ridden. His conditions deteriorated to an extent where he had lost the ability to move.

As a last resort, his daughter Sucheta, approached the Niraamay Wellness Centre in Pune. She was quite aware of the centre, it’s the background and it’s success in treating patients without medicine and without touch. The entire family had lost hope about the patient’s chances of recovery when they came to us. They thought that there was no way out. My first job was to rekindle hope in the mids of the patient’s relatives and make them believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

On my instructions, Sucheta came to the clinic with her father’s picture which she had obtained from Hyderabad where he stayed with his son Jagdish. SinceJagdish had expressed inability to bring the patient down to Pune, we decided to ahead with treatment over the telephone. That too, through Jagdish, because Prabhakar was not in a position to receive the treatment himself.

Accordingly, Jagdish was asked to call thrice a day, to receive the treatment from Niraamay. Initially, Jagdish did not believe that a 92-year-old patient, who had tried everything possible, could be healed remotely in this manner. However, firstly, because he could see no other way out and secondly since the Niraamay treatment was not very expensive, he decided to go for it.

Five-six days of treatment and Prabhakar started showing positive health symptoms. Bothe Jagdish and Sushila noticed the improvement, but they thought, this could be because of the medicines. However, they decided to continue with the Niraamay treatment along with the ongoing medication. They were not sure about the exact reason for Prabhakar’s recovery but were keen on continuing with both since could see that something was certainly working.

About a week later, Jagdish called up to tell us that his father, for the first time in the last 3-4 years, spoke to them today that he was feeling hungry and actually asked for food. Till then, he would have to be fed forcibly, he said. During this time, Prabhakar also complained of some obstruction in his urinary track which we treated in the same way i.e. without medicine and without tough. This another reason for the Bahirat family to rejoice.

Before passing away in 2012, the late Prabhakar Bahirat did not only recognise his near and dear ones but could also stand up on his feet and take a walk without any support. For the Bahirat family, this was a great, satisfactory feeling. For Niraamay, it was like yet another feather in their cap.

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