Adverse effects on the urinary tract can be eliminated by Swayampurna upchar.

In current Covid situation, the intake of various types of medicines by people has been increasing day by day. With this, intake of anti-biotic can have side effects on other parts of the body. If any of these medications have a negative impact on your urinary tract or if you have urinary incontinence for any other reason, don’t worry. Swayampurna upchar can permanently cure all the side effects on the urinary tract, and we have many successful cases of this.

Disorders such as kidney stones or urinary tract infections are caused by a decrease in the amount of water in the swadhisthana chakra (situated on sexual organ) and an increase in the amount of fire element. Overall the imbalance between the five elements, the energy we get from food and the energy of thoughts, creates disorders in the body. Now taking medicine on it gives temporary relief. But come back to me! Most people will have this experience. So how problems that cannot be cured by drugs can, can be cured permanently ‘without drugs-without touch’?

The main answer to this question is that Swayam purna upchar balances the whole body. Necessary energy is supplied to the body by removing unnecessary stored energy. It gives strength to the organs, muscles and all the organs in the body. Well, this energy is not of any individual but global energy, on which you and I all live.

In present situation, humans are searching for the oxygen. But does a healthy person need to search for the oxygen? That action happens through our unconscious breathing. Inhaled oxygen and other gases take up as much air as each cell in the body and the rest is expelled. But if there is an obstacle in this action, then it becomes a big trouble. Any imbalance in the body is a disorder. This reduces the capacity of the body’s organs and muscles.

When it comes to urinary tract, in some cases, when you laugh, cough or sneeze, the trauma causes you to urinate. In such situation that person feels embarrassing. Then the person starts avoiding going around and the depression begins to appear in the mind. But does this actually happen? Because the muscles of that part of body has no more strength. In this case, we do Swayampurna upchar through balancing water and earth element. The kidney is an important organ. The kidneys are responsible for flushing out toxins from the body in the form of water. But as the workload on the kidneys increases, the same water spreads throughout the body and causes other problems. A young man named Somesh has been suffering from urinary incontinence since he was two and a half years old. Not only that, but his limbs were swollen. (Side effects of water mentioned above) There were a lot of clinics, medications and then he came back to heal. In just one year, his pain has subsided, and he is now completely out of it.

Yet some people have a question, how can you do what modern science has not come up, with only through Swayampurna upchar? you can believe it for sure, it is 100% true. And that is, our body can heal itself. Just for that you have to think about proper diet / vihar / thinking. If the body is tortured or tortured by doing these things in a wrong way, then the body will revolt.

Somesh came to us because we had successfully treated his one and a half year old brother. Now the question arises, how can a one and a half year old baby treat himself? Before answering this, I would like to ask the question, how does a mother know that her child is in trouble, big or small? The answer lies in the emotional connection between mother and baby. Not only that, but you know what is happening or is happening to your loved one even though you are far away. We call this intuition. So using this emotional connection we can heal from one person to another and we can see a very good result.

We know that children sleep at night until a certain age having a bedwetting problem. But we have seen this problem even in young children going to college and after treating it; their problem has stopped within a month. Because we also examine the relationship between the body and the mind, the fear hidden in the mind, the profound effect of an, any life event and according to that provides counselling services and Swayampurna upchar. The problem of getting wet in bed can recur in old age. This is because the muscles of the urinary tract become weaker in old age. Modern science does not have the power to give strength to these muscles but with Swayampurna upchar, it is certainly possible.
Deterioration of body fluids not only causes disorders in the urinary tract but also in various components such as blood and semen. Of course we treat the whole body and mind when you come to heal with a specific problem. So along with your specific problems, other health problems also go away.

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