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Let Everyone Be Fit and Healthy ll (Sarve Santu Niraamayah ll)


In the twenty first century everyone is facing tremendous stresses and strains in life resulting from either work or domestic issues. Whatever the cause of the stress, one thing is certain; mankind is slowly losing control over his mind. As a result, human life is threatened by all kinds of diseases from minor ailments to major disorders like cancer and TB.

Today, such diseases are diagnosed even in the young generation which is quite frightening. We dismiss the situation by giving sweet sounding reasons like “Change of Life Style “ and begin swallowing all types of tablets and medicines for years to come. They do appear to give us temporary relief, but they will never give us sound health. We keep on getting entangled in this vicious maze of lifelong medicines and keep losing the body’s immunity day by day. After a few years, we begin feeling their side effects and new diseases start creeping in. This cycle needs to be stopped somewhere– urgently!

In the ‘Niraamay’ – any type of physical or mental disorder is cured without touching the patient and without any medicines. So far more than 85000 patients have benefitted from this treatment. A large number patients receiving medical attention right from small clinics to very large hospitals did not satisfy them but come to Niraamay as the last hope. Most of them have confirmed that the Niraamay treatment has worked like “Sanjivani” or Life-giving treatment for them. The main purpose of Swayampurna treatment is total removal of the cause of the disease rather than attempting just elimination of symptoms. Our treatment endows higher strength to the natural immunity of the body. Many times we find that wrong diet, distorted thinking, lack of exercise, various stresses and strains, polluted surroundings and excessive mindless ingestion of medicines are causes of most diseases. All these factors cause blockage in the Chakras and Nadis that carry energy in the body. This is what causes disorders in the body later. Swayampurna treatment eliminates any disease right from its root. This treatment works on a patient’s body, mind and energy which render the body healthy and strong. The mind becomes peaceful, firm and stronger. It stabilizes the energy or life force in every cell that bridges the body and mind. Thus this treatment not only offers relief from the disease but also provides peace of mind.

The Swayampurna treatment is developed through a deep study of ancient scriptures, holy books, Vedas and Upanishadas and through a number of experiments. These treatment methods help in ensuring smooth flow of life or vitality in the human body and make the mind active and healthy. This treatment is developed for offering total cure to patients without any medicines, by using natural energy only.

The prime intention while developing Swayampurna treatment for society was they should realise the importance of our ancient scriptures and take its benefits. The perspective of this is to show knowledge of our ancestors to society.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][shvc_parallax backgroundchoice=”parallax” overlaycolor=”rgba(10,10,10,0.25)” fontcolor=”#ffffff” background=”721″][vc_text_separator title=”My Experience”][sh_content target=”_self” choice=”image” title=”The lungs were functioning properly, lobectomy was also avoided – Miss Archana Ravale” image=”542″]

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I am just 26 years old. However, I suffered from TB thrice during the last ten years; I was ravaged by the disease. Some Doctors actually suggested to me that I should go for Lobectomy i.e. removal of defective part of lungs. I did not want any operation however. I was experiencing several side effects of medicines such as insomnia, inability to hear and consistent loss of weight etc. I was totally exasperated with allopathic medicines and doctors’ advice.

During this period, I read an article in Loksatta about Niraamay and I thought of looking at Niraamay as the final course of action. It was my good fortune that I learnt about this treatment at the right time. Since then, it has totally changed my life. Now I can hear properly, sleep soundly and I am also gaining some weight. If I had not met Mr. Chandorkar, I would not be in the state as I am today. Swayampurna treatment at Niraamay has resulted in thorough changes in my life. Swayampurna treatment for the last ten months has rendered my lungs fully functional and I have cancelled my Lobectomy. I feel quite confident that I will not suffer from TB again.


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